Dwolla allows you to accept payments with no percentage cuts. Just 25¢ per transaction or free for transactions of $10 or less. This makes Dwolla an attractive solution for many looking to accept donations.

What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a payment network that allows any business or person to send, request and accept money. Unlike other payment companies that rely on plastic cards and charge hefty fees, Dwolla has built their own network that securely connects to bank accounts and allows users to move money for just $0.25 per transaction, or free for transactions $10 or less. Non-profits shouldn’t give up 3% to credit card fees.

Why Dwolla?

Dwolla is different. They don’t use credit cards that require hefty transaction fees. Rather, Dwolla bypasses them all together in favor for bank accounts. Over the long term, that can mean big savings for your cause. Check out this helpful graphic: