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Affiliate Sign-up

We use this for Affiliate sign-ups in order to get the Affiliates tagged in Active Campaign correctly.
  • Choose a username to associate with your GiveWP Affiliate account
  • This email needs to be one that you do normal correspondence with, not a generic email like "info" or "admin".
  • All affiliate payments are done via PayPal. This needs to be your PayPal email address for payment purposes.
  • Please provide as much detail as you can so we understand the nature of your relationship with our product and with your intended audience as well.
  • Whether you use the website for promotional purposes or not, this helps us understand your online presence.
  • Understand that communication with our Affiliates is vital, therefore we require that you are opted into our Affiliate Newsletter. Additionally, GiveWP Affiliates are bound by our Terms and Conditions, so please read them and indicate your agreement below.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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