Aspen Camp — Creating Community Through Communication

Give user, Aspen Camp gives deaf and hard of hearing children, youth, and adults the ability to break down communication barriers and build community.

What if we lived in a world where our method of communication isolated us from others instead of bringing us closer together? That is what it’s like for those in the Deaf* community, but Aspen Camp changes that.

Aspen Camp, through a variety of adult and child camps throughout the year, breaks that isolation.

(By the way, as they say on their site: “We use Deaf* to represent all those who identify as D/deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, and more. We welcome all communication modalities and lifestyle preferences.”)

About Aspen Camp

Aspen Camp is a place that allows self-discovery and adventure to build up leadership through community.

“We are proud to be the only camp that provides year round programs to Deaf* youth, adults, and families as well as hearing allies. Our goal is to help you explore the great outdoors and the great within. Our programs are enriching, community-based, and contributes to your sense of adventure.”

Website manager Katie Murch was a camper for eight summers. When the marketing position came up, she took the job and still participates in camp activities. Working at Aspen Camp is not just a job to her — it’s her way of giving back. She recalls her first camp experience and her new-found confidence.

“I found myself and my confidence as a Deaf person. I want to give back. They had a marketing position opening. I went for it and got the job.”

Why is there a need for Deaf camp?

Many of their campers are placed in mainstream schools. They don’t interact with other Deaf persons — depriving them of that sense of community; Aspen Camp changes that.

“There’s no moment where you feel left out because there’s no lack of communication.” Katie Murch

These children, youth, and adults can self-assess and challenge themselves in camp activities. Aspen Camp doesn’t believe in “sensitivity training.” Rather, they believe in “leadership training.” Leaders are the ones, according to Aspen Camp, that help society benefit from what the Deaf community can offer.

Campaign Goals

Aspen Camp has several campaigns running simultaneously giving donors the ability to fund the needs that fit their passion.

Unfortunately, 72% of their campers rely upon scholarship funds to attend these camps. In order to help these children, Aspen Camp has used our ability create many donation forms. They simply set up per-child donation forms.

In the future they will raise $10M to renovate the grounds in their capital campaign to renovate the main lodge, cabins, and play field. That will also have its own donation form.

Another campaign they will run is called 50 for the 50th. Aspen Camp would like to replace their current van which is over 20 years old. This celebrates their 50th year as a camp and hopes to raise $20,000 by June 1 for a new summer camp van.

How Aspen Camp Uses Give

Katie Murch, the marketing manager, is really grateful to have found Give. She told us that Give replaced three separate fundraising tools.

Not only is this solution much less expensive, but it’s centralized. Why use three fundraising tools when you can use one?

General Fund Donation Form for
General Fund Donation Form for

Campaign Results

Aspen Camp has seen ongoing results — not just financial — but in the improved confidence and outlook that the campers have after leaving Aspen Camp.

In fact, Katie recalls her first experience:

“I thought I was the only Deaf person who likes music — there’s so much more to life than where we grow up. It’s the beginning of opening their minds — disconnecting themselves from technology. They have a chance to be grounded.” Katie Murch

We encourage you to check out Aspen Camp and donate to their general fund here.

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