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As a nonprofit, you have a passion. So, how do you get other people excited? Content marketing for nonprofits to garner support is a must.
Nonprofit 101

Content Marketing for Nonprofits: Why should you blog?

As a nonprofit, you have a passion. That passion has become your mission. But how do you get other people excited? And how do you garner support? Storytelling is as old as time. Our words paint pictures. They inspire and motivate. We remember

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Release Notices

Give Version 1.5 is Released

We released version 1.5 today. This point release has some great new features as well as important improvements. First let’s discuss the new features: Drag and Drop reordering of the Payment Gateway order Prevent Spam Donations with a technique called a “honeypot” New

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Great Uses for Offline Donations
Tips & Tutorials

Great Ways to Use Offline Donations

Have you been wondering how to incorporate offline donations with your fundraising events? Here are some great ideas. One of the free payment gateways Give offers is called Offline Donations. This can be a very useful Gateway if implemented correctly. This article gives

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What does it mean to be part of a community?

In the WordPress world, we hear the term “community” thrown around — a lot. So what does community mean? How do you become an active part of a community? As a child of the 70’s, I was raised on Sesame Street. I can still

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Your Digital Agency and Give: Better Together

Your Digital Agency and Give: Better Together

Implementing third-party technology for your clients can be risky. Will your client be satisfied? Will the new data be easily integrated with current customer data? Will we hit our timeline estimates? Often, one of those questions is enough to derail those everyday client requests. Regardless

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This San Diego Nonprofit, Kitchens For Good, does more than feed the hungry -- with Chef Ivan Flowers, they train a workforce with a second chance.
Unearthing the Good

Unearthing the Good: Culinary Arts is Breaking the Cycle

I’m so frustrated. I thought, “That’s the 12th homeless person I’ve walked by today on my three block walk into work.” What the heck? I reminded myself that I’m looking at the cycle of poverty and education systems (or lack thereof) that support

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