The Opportunity:

Support Technicians at GiveWP are problem solvers, solution-givers, and yes — engineers of happiness for our customers and free users. We are skilled and knowledgeable with all things WordPress; whether it be plugins, themes, actions, filters, APIs, or just clearly explaining that a setting needs to be updated for the desired results. We solve problems with tact, detail, and levity. Customers have our highest respects; our first priority truly is their success with online donations.

Support Technicians at GiveWP ( enjoy a collaborative and fun remote working environment. Our Support team is tight-knit despite the distance. We enjoy solving user problems, receiving great ratings from customers, writing tutorials, troubleshooting issues with the development team, and occasionally representing our company at WordCamps.

Our promise to our customers is that their success with online donations is our number one priority. We work hard to live up to that promise, responding quickly to every new issue with the intent to get resolution as quickly as possible.

Each Support Team Member Should:

  • Have excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Have proficient communication skills to provide instructions to WordPress users.
  • Have comfortability with HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP as well as a willingness and ability to learn quickly for technical troubleshooting purposes.
  • Be very comfortable with all aspects of WordPress: plugins, themes, general WordPress configuration with SSL, and basic plugin troubleshooting.
  • Be familiar with setting up a local environment, or have the willingness and ability to learn to do it quickly.
  • Be able and willing to be an ambassador in both directions between users and the development team.
  • Be self-motivated and self-disciplined.
  • Have a strong ability to receive personal feedback and apply it for continual improvement.
  • Be eager to learn and able to learn quickly.
  • Either be a native English speaker, or EC2 certified proficiency

The Responsibilities

The core responsibilities of each of our Support Technicians is to Solve User Issues, Refine our Online Documentation, and Enhance our Products.

Currently, we are looking for technicians who can meet and exceed those expectations and also:

  • Respond courteously to customer inquiries with detailed and understandable technical steps.
  • Contribute to our online documentation with excellent communication and English skills.

The Location:

We are a distributed company — but for this position we need team members to be available for 8 hours of work within the 5am to 5pm Pacific time-frame. We have a central office in San Diego, California, but all of our full-time Support Technicians currently work remotely. We support our team working anywhere that suits them in the world, as long as strong communication can be maintained via Slack and your tasks are fully, without question, completed each work day.

Who We Are:

We are a team of passionate WordPress and industry professionals dedicated to ensuring success for every nonprofit and fundraising organization we encounter. We enjoy flexible work schedules, competitive salaries, and a flat organization structure where everyone’s opinion matters and everyone’s work is valued and acknowledged. We enjoy traveling, having fun, and coming to work every day.

To see how we handle technical support, feel free to review this article and our public Support Manual.

About GiveWP:

Our mission is to Democratize Generosity. GiveWP is a WordPress plugin that enables users to accept donations on their WordPress-powered websites with flexibility and minimal barrier to entry. Since launching in April 2015, GiveWP has helped 100,000+ nonprofits, individuals, and organizations further their mission through online donations.