We put a lot of work into the donor management aspect of Give and it works really well for most folks. However, what if you also want to invoice your donors directly or track their WooCommerce activity in one central place?

ZBS CRM is a plugin that can help your organization better understand the complete picture of your user’s activity both online and offline. Essentially, it’s really good at tracking and consolidating interactions across multiple channels like online donations through Give or purchases made through WooCommerce.

Donors, Customers, Users and You

In addition to donations, many nonprofits and causes have a variety of other fundraising mechanisms in place. For instance, a church may sell t-shirts and other merchandise online to further fundraise. This means that a visitor can make a donation and then come back later and complete a purchase on your website. This activity can happen in separate plugins like Give and WooCommerce within one platform: your website. Consolidating your visitors’ multiple touch points are important to understanding the big picture.

Step in ZBS CRM. With this plugin you can connect Give + WooCommerce to gain valuable insights on your users’ activity. As well, you have access to a suite of CRM features such as task management, direct invoicing, and more.

A Review of the ZBS CRM

There are a number of good CRMs built for WordPress. ZBS is one of my favorites. While I’m not a huge fan of the name, the plugin’s functionality far makes up for it. Why? Let’s break it down:

  1. The people behind it – Mike Stott from Epic Themes and Woody Hayday of StormGate are well known and experienced in the WordPress world. They have attended many WordCamps and are heavily involved in the community. It’s important you know who is behind the product. I had the opportunity of interacting with them at WCEU and it’s clear they know what building a good product is all about and I’ve enjoyed seeing the product further mature in the short time since.
  2. Product longevity – While this is a relatively new product, you can still expect it to be around for years to come. The last thing you want is to trust your important customer data on a fly-by-night plugin. I can say with confidence that ZBS is on an upward trend and will continue being developed and enhanced for the long haul.
  3. Features and functionality – Sure the two points above are important, but only if the product can live up to expectations… and in the CRM space there are lots of them. To sum it up: ZBS has some really powerful features but some UI/UX still needs a bit of polish in order to really shine.

ZBS, Give, and WooCommerce

Setting up ZBS is pretty darn easy thanks to the walkthrough that appears when you activate the plugin:

Setting up ZBS is made is via the welcome walkthrough screen.
Setting up ZBS is made is via the welcome walkthrough screen.

After you get through the setup it’s time to install the Give + ZBS connector plugin:

There is no setup for this plugin. It just works. How nice is that? Finally, you should have the following plugins activated and installed to complete the integration:

  1. WooCommerce (free)
  2. Give (free)
  3. ZBS CRM (free)
  4. ZBS Woo Sync extension ($49)
  5. ZBS Give Connector (free)

As you can see above this setup is nearly free with the only cost coming from the ZBS Woo Sync extension which allows you to import and then report on your current Woo customers.

What Happens When a User Makes a Purchase or Donation?

When a donation is made through Give donors fill in their information into the form. ZBS CRM takes this information and adds or updates a customer record. It also creates a new transaction against their profile. Now if that same user comes back and makes a purchase within WooCommerce the customer record is updated with that additional information. This means you can manage everything for that customer/donor in one centralized location.

The ZBS CRM Dashboard
The ZBS CRM Dashboard
A ZBS customer displaying donations and invoices.
A ZBS customer displaying donations and invoices.

You can then add tags to the customer, analyze them, spot profile trends, VIPs, or problem customers. Each customer will can be easily emailed and monitored via the ZBS CRM:

The customers list within ZBS displaying consolidated Give + woo users
The customers list within ZBS displaying consolidated Give + woo users

For additional insights, the Sales Dashboard (paid) provides a really cool reporting screen with recent activity and stats:

The ZBS Sales Dashboard extension provides some really nice insights.
The ZBS Sales Dashboard extension provides some really nice insights.

Being a Data Driven Organization

Gaining insights on how your donor base interacts with your fundraising efforts is important to all organizations. Not only can it help you become a more effective at donor outreach, it also helps increase forecasting and most importantly, your bottomline. With WordPress you have an entire ecosystem of utilities to assist you get the full picture. ZBS CRM is relative newcomer to the space but one worth taking a look!

Devin Walker

Founder and Head of Product of GiveWP, WordPress enthusiast, WordCamp speaker, mediocre golfer, post-rock obsessed cat lover, and aspiring world traveler.

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