Give provides default emails for all your donation forms out-of-the-box. Often you may want to customize the emails per donation form. Enter the Per Form Emails Add-on to customize each email option to provide more meaningful emails to your recipients.

The first step is always downloading and installing your Add-on and activating your License key.

If you need assistance installing and activating Give Add-ons, please read our detailed doc on that here.

Setup and Configuration

Once activated, the Per Form Email plugin creates a new metabox located on the single donation form creation screen in wp-admin:

The “Form Email Options” metabox

Let’s overview what each section does:

  • Email Options: This section allows you to customize the logo, template, from name and address, and
  • Donation Receipt: This section allows you to customize the email content and subject that is sent to the donor when their donation has full processed and is marked complete.
  • Donation Notification: This section allows you to customize the email content, subject, and recipients for the email that is to admin once a donation has processed and is marked complete.

Email Option Fields

Here is a view of the email customization options:

The "Email Options" Fields
The “Email Options” Fields

Donation Receipt Fields

Here is a view of the donation receipt customization options:

The "Donation Receipt" fields
The “Donation Receipt” fields

Donation Notification Fields

Here is a view of the donation notification customization options:

The "Donation Notification" fields
The “Donation Notification” fields

Common Issues and FAQ

Multi-Level Donations and Conditional Emails

This Add-on does not support sending unique emails for multi-level donations at this time. As well, there is no conditional logic built in to determine to send email X if donation amount is over a certain amount.

But depending on your needs, creating a custom email tag might work really well for you. See our docs on that here.

Global Donation Receipts and Admin Notification

Give, out-of-the-box, sends a donation receipt when a visitor has donated. When “Per Form Emails” is active on a specific donation form, that original email is NOT sent, only your custom email specific to that donation form is sent. The same goes for the admin donation notification emails.