The Tributes eCards feature allows you to give your donors the ability to have an eCard emailed to their Honoree with a custom message automatically.

NOTE: This screen will only be visible if you’ve enabled “eCards” in the Tributes General options screen found in “Donations > Settings > Tributes”.

Custom Message

Settings Type: Radio buttons
 Enabled | Disabled
Default: Disabled

This options provides your donors with the ability to set their own custom message in the eCard.

eCard Email Subject

Settings Type: Text field
Default: “{donor_name} just gave {amount} {tribute} you!”

This is the subject line of the eCard that is emailed to the Honoree. Keep in mind that you can use any of the email tags available to you here. See the “eCard Content” section below for a list of all email tags available.

Multiple eCard Recipients

Settings Type: Radio buttons
 Enabled | Disabled
Default: Disabled

This option allow the donors to provide multiple notification names and emails for their dedicated donation. This will send a dedication email to each notification recipient the donor provides.

Logo Graphic

Settings Type: Image upload field
Default: Empty

This field allows you to upload your own custom logo graphic which will be included at the top of your eCard. Here’s a preview of an eCard with the Give logo placed at the top.

The Give Tributes eCard preview.
The Give Tributes eCard preview.

eCard Header Graphic

Settings Type: Image upload field
Default: Empty

This setting allows you to upload the image of your choice as the header of the eCard. In the preview image above that is the image with the bears.

eCard Content

Settings Type: WYSIWYG Editor

Dear {honoree_name},
A donation was made {tribute} you by {donor_name}. The {amount} donation that {donor_name} made to the “{form_title}” fund in your name will help our cause and be put to good use making a difference.
With our thanks,

This is the eCard message that will be sent to the Honoree. Since it is a rich editor you can use all the editor tools you like to customize this message, including adding additional images.

You can also use any of the following email tags within the message to add dynamic information into your eCard message:

  • {donation} – The donation form name, and the donation level (if applicable).
  • {amount} – The total donation amount with currency sign.
  • {form_title} – The donation form name.
  • {donor_name} – The donor’s first name.
  • {donor_email} – The donor’s email address.
  • {donor_fullname} – The donor’s full name, first and last.
  • {tribute} – The tribute choice given by the donor.
  • {honoree_name} – The name of the honoree.
  • {honoree_fullname} – The full name of the honoree.
  • {card_address} – The address of the honoree.
  • {sitename} – The name of your site.
  • {download_card} – The PDF Download link.

These tags can also be used in the eCard Subject line.

Preview eCard

Settings Type: Action Buttons
Default: NA

There are two ways that you can preview your eCards.

  1. Preview eCard — this will open a new window in your browser where you can preview the eCard live. At the top of the screen is a dropdown of all your recent donations so you can see what the eCard would look like populated with that specific information. This is a nice option that doesn’t require actually sending an email.
  2. Send Test Email — this will send an actual eCard email to your user account email address.