This tab allows you to override the global Terms and Conditions settings just for this specific form.

Terms and Conditions can be instructive or necessary for your donors. Occasionally, you may want to disable them per form, or a specific form might have it’s own unique terms to agree to. Either way, that’s what this tab is for.

The “Terms & Conditions” tab in the Form Edit Screen.
The “Terms & Conditions” tab in the Form Edit Screen.

Terms & Conditions

Options: Global Options | Customize | Disable
Default: Global Options

When you land on this tab this is the only option you see. Here’s what those options do.

  • Global Options: Inherits your settings from the main Give Settings Terms & Conditions page.
  • Customize: Override the global Terms & Conditions settings for this specific form.
  • Disable: If your Global setting has Terms enabled, you can disable them just for this form.

The following two settings are only available if you choose “Customize” above.

Agreement Label

Options: Text input
Default: “Agree to Terms?”

This setting only appears when “Terms and Conditions” is set to “Customize”.

You can set whatever text you like to ask the Donor to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Keep in mind that you are asking them to take an action, so phrasing this as a question is advised.

Agreement Text

Options: WYSIWYG Editor
Default: “These are our terms which you must agree to in order to donate. Thanks for reading and agreeing in advance.”

This setting only appears when “Terms and Conditions” is set to “Customize”.

You can add Terms and Conditions text here. You’ll notice that it is a full editor, and not a simple textbox. This means you can add formatting, images, even videos if you prefer. But also keep in mind that this content will scroll down below the form when the donor clicks on the link that says “Show Terms”. Scrolling this content into view causes the “DONATE” button to scroll down off the bottom of the screen, and out of view. It’s best to keep this content as succinct as possible.