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New Free Add-on: GiveWP Facebook Pixel Tracking

Build powerful Facebook retargeting campaigns for your donors and potential donors with the GiveWP Pixel Tracking add-on.
GiveWP Pixel Tracking

We excited to release yet another free GiveWP add-on. You asked for a better way to integrate with Facebook Pixel Tracking and it’s finally here!

Build powerful Facebook retargeting campaigns for your donors and potential donors with the GiveWP Pixel Tracking add-on.

Why do you Need this Add-on?

The Facebook pixel helps you build custom audiences in your Facebook ad manager based on user activity on your website. This add-on extends your Facebook pixel on your website to add the “Donate,” “Purchase,” and “CompleteRegistration” events on your donation forms. Here’s a summary of what that means:

The Donate Event

The Donate event is a simple one-off event. It simply indicates to Facebook that a donation has happened. When this is sent to your ad manager account, you can then create lookalike audiences based on this donor activity.

The Purchase Event

The Purchase event includes additional information that the Donate event does not include; namely the currency and amount of the donation that is received. This can help you segment your audience targeting based on donation amount. It also let’s you build lookalike audiences based on Lifetime Value (LTV), which can be an excellent way to target large donors.

The CompleteRegistration Event

This is triggered when your donation form is configured to create WordPress users in your donation form; meaning your form is set to create users for every donor, or if you set it to donor’s choice and your donor opted to have a user account created.

Each of these events are triggered only on the donation confirmation panel when the donation is marked as “Complete.” These events will never trigger on simple button click, or if the donation is not first marked as complete.

How does it Work?

The great thing about this add-on is that is just works out of the box with no special configuration. Once you activate it, it works! There is one big caveat though.

Just like with our Google Analytics add-on, you must first have the Facebook pixel configured on your site for this add-on to trigger the events correctly..

This add-on simply extends that pixel to include these custom GiveWP-triggered events. The add-on does not implement the Facebook pixel on your site.

There are lots of great, free plugins for implementing the Facebook pixel on your website that you can explore.

Where can I get the Add-on?

All our GiveWP free add-ons are hosted on WordPress.org. This means that you can install them directly from your website. Just login to your website, go to “Plugins > Add New” and search for “Give Pixel Tracking”. For more info, screenshots, FAQ, and for free support.

Get Give Pixel Tracking

The Year of Free GiveWP Add-ons Series

We declared 2020 the year of free add-ons at GiveWP! From easy social sharing for donations, countdown clocks, page builder widgets, and more, our gallery of free add-ons is growing every month. Check out all the great add-ons you can use with your donation forms for free.
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4 Responses

    1. Hi Dillon.
      Yes, the pixel events work with the new multi-step template when you use this add-on. Thanks for asking!

  1. Hi there.

    I just installed the add-on and was very excited to see my first donation showing in events manager, but it seems the pixel fired three times for the one donation. How can I fix this? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sean!

      Thanks for reaching out to us. The best way to get help with our free add-ons is through their support forum on WordPress.org. Our support team is happy to help you there!

      You can find the support forum for the Pixel add-on here.

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