Create Beautiful Donation Forms

If you’re looking for an easy way to create great looking donation forms on WordPress, look no further. Give’s donation forms are built to look great with your theme—right out of the box. Easily build donation forms with progress bars, accept recurring donations, and add custom fields right in your WordPress admin.

[Give] simplifies the whole process while still being feature rich.

Roy Sivan Senior WordPress Developer, Disney

Build Donation Forms Inside WordPress

Create as many single and multi-level donation forms as you need—right inside the WordPress dashboard. Connect with your favorite payment gateway and display forms anywhere on your site with an intuitive shortcode and widget.

Recurring Donations to Boost Revenue

Increase donations and meet your fundraising goals by adding recurring donations functionality to your forms. Set specific giving intervals ($5/mo, $10/mo) and the number of occurrences (ongoing or limited). Data proves recurring donors give up to 40% more.

Looks Great on Any Theme

Give was built to inherit your theme’s design out of the box, reducing the amount of time to launch your campaign. Want more? Give can be customized to look like nearly any donation form with only minor development.

Custom Fields, Goals and More

Give Forms are fully customizable. Easily build single or multi-level donation forms. Set donation minimums and goals to encourage increased giving and provide donors the ability to give a custom amount.

Next Feature: Donation Reports