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GiveWP 2.7 Brings Donation Form Templates & Per-Form Stripe Accounts

GiveWP 2.7 brings you donation form templates, per-form Stripe accounts, and fundraising reports in multiple currencies.

Our entire team works to make sure that GiveWP is the best donation plugin for WordPress every single day. Over the last 5 years, GiveWP has had over 17,000 code commits, 95 releases, and 65 contributors to its codebase. Today’s release represents a uniquely exciting milestone in that history.

We’re introducing a whole new donation form experience to all our users — for free. We call it “Form Templates.”

GiveWP 2.7 is not just a release. It’s also the start of even more amazing things to come in future updates. This update paves the way for an even better donation plugin experience with form templates and per-form stripe accounts. We’ve also added to our new reporting dashboard so you can toggle your view to show different currencies.

Introducing GiveWP Donation Form Templates

We added donation form templates with a couple different user-focused needs in mind. First, to provide online fundraisers with more modern-looking donation forms that use the latest styles and functionality. Second, to give users easier styling options that won’t allow themes to wreak havoc on their forms. Lastly, and most exciting, to pave the way for additional types of donation form templates for different types of online fundraising.

Legacy GiveWP Forms

The original GiveWP forms were built to inherit the styles from your theme so they look as native to your website as possible. For most who use professionally developed themes, it worked wonderfully. But we found many users with theme styles that caused a bit of chaos on GiveWP forms. This prevented success for many of our users, so we decided to update our options.

New GiveWP Form Templates prevent themes from wrecking your styles while allowing you to customize your forms to look like your website – without using any CSS or custom code. Of course, you can still use the legacy forms if you choose.

New GiveWP Form Templates

Our donation form templates are easy to customize for any WordPress user. You can change the button and accent colors with your primary theme color, edit any text you see on the form, and choose your donation form options as usual. No CSS required.

The first template we’ve included is a modern multi-step donation form. We’re very excited for this new feature and believe you and your donors will love it too. For now there’s only one template available in addition to the legacy GiveWP forms. Keep an eye out for future updates for more donation form templates.

Accept Donations with Stripe Using Different Accounts on Per-Form

GiveWP 2.7 comes with another very big and exciting feature: Per-Form Stripe Accounts. That’s right! Now, you can actually accept donations with Stripe using different accounts all on one website.

This has a lot of potential use-cases:

  • Large charity organizations with multiple chapters or locations
  • Educational institutions:
    • Schools with many student programs, like clubs or sports
    • School Districts that want to fundraise for specific schools
    • School alumni foundations
  • Foundations with several different grant programs

We’ve included per-form Stripe accounts within the free plugin as part of our commitment to Democratize Generosity. So anyone can use this new feature.

Of course, keep in mind that if you want the power of on-page support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and no processing fees then you might want to consider getting our Stripe add-on with a Pricing Plan. When you use the add-on instead of the Stripe connection in the free GiveWP plugin, you also get access to priority technical support.

Schedule a Demo with GiveWP Customer Success to See How Per-Form Stripe Accounts will Work for Your Needs
Our Customer Success Team is here to help you choose the best options for your online fundraising setup on WordPress. If you think you might need per-form Stripe accounts but you need more information, let us know. We’ll schedule a demo to show you how it works.

Schedule a Demo

More Improvements and Fixes

Every release is a chance to make minor improvements and fixes, so 2.7 is full of them as well. If you remember, version 2.6 came with a brand new Reports Dashboard. We made sure to keep improving on that with a new currency toggle:

Known Issues

  • The GiveWP Currency Switcher add-on is not yet compatible with the new Multi-step form template. We will be adding 2.7 compatibility to the Currency Switch add-on after we get more confirmation of the stability of the new template for all users.
  • The Form Grid currently is causing fatal errors for legacy forms. We’re working on an immediate hotfix.
  • The WordPress Dashboard Reports widget continually spins. A hard refresh of your browser cache should resolve this. But we have a fix for it coming out very soon as well.

For more tweaks, fixes, and improvements, take a peek at the changelog.

The Future of GiveWP

What’s even more exciting about donation form templates and per-form Stripe accounts is the possibility it means for the future. Soon, GiveWP will include event templates, crowdfunding templates, peer-to-peer campaign templates, and more. This is just the beginning of a whole new era for GiveWP.

Between those exciting new features and viewing fundraising reports in multiple currencies, we think you’re going to love all the FREE updates you get in version 2.7.

Update to 2.7 today or install it from your plugin directory if you haven’t already. If you already have a new multi-step form using GiveWP that you’re proud of, join our Facebook Community to let us know. If Facebook isn’t your favorite forum, tell us in the comments below so we can share your success on social media.

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