Where Does Audio Fit Into Your Nonprofit Content Strategy?

Audio is coming back into style. Are you using it to reach your donors?
Woman editing audio for her nonprofit content strategy.

How are you telling your fundraising story? Are people listening and engaging with it?

Breaking through an online space flooded with content to reach new donors requires finding new ways to talk to them. As a result, content diversification has become quite challenging. To rise to this challenge, marketers everywhere are embracing the power of audio.

Whether you start a podcast or decide to create audiograms, audio belongs in your nonprofit content strategy.

Why Use Audio in Your Nonprofit Content Strategy?

Audio never really left the advertising picture. But it wasn’t a primary medium for marketers after the introduction of TV and the dot com boom.

Now that the boom is over, the internet finds itself reverting back to the old days where radio waves were the primary form of entertainment. Only this time, we’re looking at digital sound waves and intriguing imagery with our sound clips.

This makes audio the perfect way to repurpose your blog articles, call attention to new campaigns, or engage with your donors through a regular podcast.

However, those who are unfamiliar with audio may approach it apprehensively.

It’s not difficult to create simple quality audio. Make sure you’re in a quiet place, with a good microphone, and record. Then, use apps and other tools to edit and create as high quality audio as possible.

Remember, your story should always guide your content strategy. Audio is just another tool to help you engage your donors.

What is an audiogram?

An audiogram is similar to a video with no movement. Most have a wave indicating sound in the background to call attention to the audio with the image.

You can create this type of content for any social media channel, but it’s most recently become a highly popular trend on Twitter.

Creating Voice Tweets on Twitter

In 2020, Twitter added voice tweets to their mobile app, making it even easier to create an audiogram.

The limitations of a voice tweet are similar to a regular tweet, so choose your words wisely. You only have 140 seconds.

You can also post a live audio tweet, similar to going live on video.

This is a unique opportunity for nonprofits to stand out. When you use audio right now, you will be ahead of the curve later on.

Make sure you include audio when you plan your content strategy to support fundraising campaigns. By using audio, you don’t need to worry about video quality, graphic design, or anything except what you’re going to say.

Tips to Use Audio for Your Nonprofit Content Strategy

New mediums for content mean new opportunities for creativity. There are a variety of ways you can use audio for your nonprofit.

The most simple is to start a fundraiser using an audiogram. Let people know with your own voice that you’re kicking off a fundraising campaign and you need their help.

You can also use audio to repurpose your blog content. When you create your stories, newsletters, or other content types, try to make sure you have succinct bits of information that might fit into a Tweet.

Keep this in mind when you are interviewed by the media as well. Use your talking points wisely so you can find quotes to use later on.

Once you’ve created longer pieces of audio content, break it up. Take key pieces or quotes and turn them into a sound bite that you can send out on social media.

There are plenty of additional ways you can use audio for your content strategy. But using audio on social media may be one of the most effective tactics.

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  1. I absolutely loved this article – thanks so much – it’s great to learn of anything that will help us to connect with more people. I didn’t know about this audio trend or how easy it is really to implement. So I’m excited to see what we can produce in that way. Thanks again.

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