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Get More from Your Fundraising Database

Gain Insight with Real-Time Fundraising Reports

Sharpen your online fundraising success with GiveWP Donation Reports. Our free donation plugin includes a full-featured fundraising report with details like your best performing donation forms and top donors. Use your fundraising database to build a comprehensive donor impact report or regularly send performance updates to your board.

A fundraising report screen broken down into pieces so you can see that you get a campaign overview, top donor report, and best performing fundraiser list.

Visual Donation Data

GiveWP Donation Reports make it easy to see your fundraising performance at a glance. Each graphic gives you the donation data breakdowns you need to create a variety of fundraising reports. Decrease the time you spend on donor reporting, tracking fundraising ROI benchmarks, and maintaining your fundraising database.

Improve Your Fundraising Performance with
Data-Driven Decisions

Each piece of the GiveWP fundraising database is meant to help organizations and people of all kinds excel with online giving. Your donation data and donor reporting details give you the ability to reach your fundraising goals by knowing who your supporters are as well as why and how they give.

Your fundraising summary includes easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Fundraising Summary

Optimize Campaigns with In-Depth Fundraising Reports

GiveWP provides you with a full-featured fundraising summary report directly on WordPress. Quickly find your total income, average donation amount, total donors, and total refunds over a specific period of time. Your fundraising report also shows you which payment methods are used most often, top donation forms, top donors, and donation statuses.

Donation History

Filter Your Fundraising Database by Date to Customize Reports

Define a custom timeline or choose a quick-view for your fundraising report. Quickly build donation reports for the day, week, month, year, or all time. Filter your donation database reports however you need to calculate the fundraising ROI for your nonprofit marketing campaigns and maintain transparency with your donors.

Filter your fundraising report by date.
Top donors and recent donation activity are included in your donation report dashboard.

Donor Reporting

Understand When, How, and Why Your Donors Give

Track your top donors, recent donations, and donation form performance in every fundraising report. You can use donor reporting tools to show your donors’ impact, thank your top donors, and acknowledge recent donations. Your donation database is the best tool you have to encourage more online giving.

Impact Reports

Track Your Fundraising Performance Across Campaigns

Dive deep into your fundraising summary report to find out how much each campaign contributed to your total online donations. Our filters make it easy to dig through your donation history and calculate each campaign’s fundraising ROI. GiveWP Reports give you everything you need to improve your strategy.

Gain insight into which fundraiser performed best with fundraising campaign breakdowns.
Export your donation data so you can use it anywhere.

Data Exports

Take Your Data Where You Need It With Handy CSV Export Tools

The free GiveWP donation plugin provides all the donation reporting breakdowns you need to access on a regular basis. You can also use our CSV export tools to upload your GiveWP donor database and donation history to third-party platforms, like Fundraising Report Card® or Salesforce®.

Discover More GiveWP Features and Add-ons

GiveWP is the best donation plugin for WordPress because it provides you with a free fundraising database and powerful donation form customization options.

Keep track of your supporters in WordPress. Use your donor database as a simplified free CRM with donor management tools, like profiles and notes.

Create your ideal online fundraising platform with more GiveWP add-ons, like Recurring Donations and Form Field Manager.

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