Recurring Donations

Automate recurring donations and allow your donors to give repeatedly over time.

Accept Credit Cards

Integrate with popular payment gateways like Stripe,, PayPal, and others to keep users on your site.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields through a powerful form builder to collect additional information.

Dedicate Donations

Allow donors to give to your cause via customizable tributes like “In honor of,” “In memory of,” or any dedication you prefer.

Modal Form Popup

Modal forms allow the user to start the donation process on page and complete it in a popup window.

Multi-Level Donations

Provide your donors with the options to choose among preset donation levels or define their own custom donation.

Donation Goals

Share with donors your campaign progress through customizable goal settings to further incentivize giving.

Embedded Forms

Display donation forms directly on your WordPress page with flexible widgets and shortcodes.

One-Button Launch

Tight on space? Donation forms can be launched from a single button anywhere on your site.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Allow donors to choose how they give through support for multiple payment gateways.