You’re invited to join Matt Cromwell with guests John James Jacoby and Chris Flannagan join us October 11, 2017, at 5pm Pacific to talk about their experience extending Give for sites and even Add-on creation.

Give is designed to be extremely flexible and extensible. If you are a developer, or work with developers on your nonprofit website, Give has everything you need to customize it to your purposes.

On this month’s Give LIVE we’ll have two guests joining us to talk about this. Both are well-known WordPress developers and both have experience extending Give for sites and even Add-on creation.

John James Jacoby
WordPress Core Contributor, and Lead Dev on BuddyPress and bbPress

John James JacobyMost know John as a 10-year veteran WordPress core contributor. He was recently the Director of Web Engineering at 10up, and an Automattician where he worked on WordPress.orgJetpack, and VIP.

John helped lead both BuddyPress & bbPress, and authored or contributed to many free WordPress plugins. Cumulatively, his plugins have been downloaded over 40 million times and running on over 80 million websites worldwide.

John recently launched a new initiative called The site aims to help raise funds for highly-skilled developers to be funded to work on complex WordPress Core issues. All fundraising is done via the website and is powered by Give.

Chris Flannagan
Developer at Modern Tribe

Chris is a full-time backend WordPress developer at Modern Tribe. He’s been working in tech since he was a child. He’s the author of several free WordPress plugins and popular speaker at many WordCamps.

Chris has done several custom development jobs for some of our Give customers, including some work with his father. He also has a great tutorial on his website on building your own Give gateway — recommended reading!

Any conversation with these two guys promises to be great. Come with your questions on all things Give, WordPress, development and more.

Episode will air live on October 11, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific.

The episode will be recorded, but only live guests will be able to join in the live chat and ask questions.

Live Chat

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Matt Cromwell

Matt is Chief Operations Office at GiveWP. He has served nonprofit organizations since early 2000's as a web developer, educator, fundraising consultant, marketing consultant, board member and more.

Matt is a husband, father to four, and lover of all things musical and/or homebrewed. He also loves to talk about the most taboo of topics: Politics and Religion.

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