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How 3 GiveWP Users Are Leading the Way for Giving Tuesday in 2019

Giving Tuesday 2019 is filled with hundreds of nonprofits competing for a top spot in your heart and your wallet. We chose three GiveWP users that will inspire you for your campaign.
Giving Tuesday 2019 Give Story

Giving Tuesday 2019 is filled with hundreds of nonprofits competing for a top spot in your heart and your wallet. We chose three GiveWP users that will inspire you for your campaign.

Lifewater International

For more than 40 years, Lifewater International has worked to end the global water and sanitation crisis. Water is a necessity that most of us take for granted. In some places, there is no access to clean water. Lifewater’s goal is to provide safe water for every child and a healthy home for every family.

Lifewater International serves some of the hardest to reach places in the world where access to clean water is difficult. They use WASH (Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene) practices to make clean water a sustainable and attainable resource. As a result, they have cut down on the number of waterborne diseases in places where they’re most prevalent.

Lifewater has a wide range of water projects running at any given time. Each one needs thousands of dollars to get up and running. 80% of the money they raised goes to their programs. The other 20% gets split between fundraising and administrative costs, important to keep any nonprofit running.

Their relationship-based model transforms entire regions. House by house, village by village, school by school, Lifewater makes an impact through a basic human need: water.

The Real Joy Challenge Giving Tuesday Campaign

For Giving Tuesday 2019, Lifewater introduced The Real Joy Challenge. They’re aiming to complete 100 water projects in 100 villages and schools throughout Ethiopia, Uganda, and Cambodia. On Giving Tuesday alone, they hope to complete 10 projects. The overall results of The Real Joy Challenge will provide 20,000 people with clean water and sanitation/hygiene training. They need to reach their overall donation goal before December 31st. But on Giving Tuesday, all donations are doubled with a matching gift. 

The campaign is big – really big – but Lifewater breaks it down into individual projects. Each project is unique and individualized to the people it impacts. Donors can read stories about an actual person they’re helping through every project. Each one has updates on how it’s coming along. It’s also easy to see how much that project still needs to get started.

Each project provides:

  • House-to-house hygiene and sanitation education
  • Custom engineered water source
  • Construction of a safe water source
  • Community engagement by Lifewater field staff to ensure change lasts
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project with real-time updates to donors
  • Local church partnerships
  • Five-year water source maintenance and sustainability

How to Give to Lifewater International on Giving Tuesday 2019

To raise enough funds to meet their Giving Tuesday 2019 goals, Lifewater set up donation forms for each project. If you’d like to give toward their overall goal, you can do that, too. But if you want to really understand exactly where the donation is going, you can pick from tons of projects.

This campaign has been running for a while. But they wanted to amp things up on Giving Tuesday. So, they integrated a custom matching donation plugin. It works alongside their GiveWP forms so on Giving Tuesday, every donation is matched!

Lifewater lets you know exactly where your money goes by displaying that $250 is enough to serve an entire family, etc. Donors decide how much they’d like to give through multilevel buttons. They even do the math for you to show how much more they need to finish a project.

Each Lifewater International project is linked in their Giving Tuesday 2019 landing page. Then each project has its own unique landing page with its own goal and story.

San Diego Refugee Tutoring

This San Diego-based organization has been tutoring local refugee students since 2008.Their volunteer tutors work one-on-one with local students after school. The goal is to improve basic English and foundational math skills. Tutors often work with the same student every session. This provides that child with some stability and consistency as they adjust to a new country.

Tutoring 80 students per week takes a lot of resources.Their volunteers put in an hour and a half per tutoring session, two days a week. A private tutor for these kinds of services costs about $25/hr. At 30 weeks per year, 2 sessions per week, and 80 students per week… San Diego Refugee Tutoring saves these families a combined $180,000 per year!

That’s a lot of time spent working with these students and requires a lot of coordination from the organization. San Diego Refugee Tutoring also provides water, snacks, hygiene products, new books, and field trips for their students.

SD Refugee Tutoring Giving Tuesday 2019 Campaign

On Giving Tuesday this year, San Diego Refugee Tutoring hopes to raise $35,000. This amount will account for 50% of their annual expenses in 2020.

The volunteers give their evenings to the organization. So most costs come from the administrative level. They need to:

  • Organize volunteers
  • Coordinate with families
  • Find qualified resources
  • Gain access to specific educational programming
  • And so much more

Their services are completely free for the students to attend. Funding a program like this during Giving Tuesday means more focus on mentorship, social support, and education in 2020.

How to Give to San Diego Refugee Tutoring on Giving Tuesday

The San Diego Refugee Tutoring Giving Tuesday 2019 donation form is elegant, but packs a punch. When giving to this organization, you have a ton of options to make every penny of your donation count.

Watch how close they are to their goal in the goal counter before and after you give. It’s fantastic to be able to see how much closer to their goal your contribution brings them. When you give, you can also see exactly what your donation will pay for thanks to the way they’ve used multi-level buttons.

If you want to help them cover the cost of processing fees, you can opt-in for that at the bottom, too. Our personal favorite part is that you can dedicate your donation to a loved one as a gift. This aspect is timely around the holiday season. It might even inspire the tributes to give as well.

ShelterBox Canada

ShelterBox Canada is an international disaster relief charity. They provide emergency shelter and aid to families around the world who have lost their homes to disaster or conflict. This type of aid is essential to the process of rebuilding. Their goal is to see a world where no family is without shelter after a disaster.

ShelterBox has been supporting families in Ethiopia since 2018. Over 3000 families have received vital aid like tarpaulins, ropes, blankets, water carriers, sleeping mats, kitchen sets, and mosquito nets. The items help families rebuild their homes and their lives during a difficult time.

The ShelterBox Giving Tuesday 2019 Campaign

Millions of families in Ethiopia have had to flee their homes due to violent conflicts and disasters related to climate change. Inter-community violence has uprooted many families. Flash floods and drought in other areas have caused even more to flee.

ShelterBox is using Giving Tuesday 2019 to hit these problems hard. For the big day, The Rotary Club of Kenora is matching donations for ShelterBox. So every donation is doubled in impact.

This Giving Tuesday, they need to raise a total of $30,000 to provide 60 families with the shelter and aid they need to recover from disaster. This will prevent those 60 families from being without shelter during the holidays this year.

How to Give to ShelterBox on Giving Tuesday

Head to the ShelterBox Canada Giving Tuesday page to find more information about this Giving Tuesday campaign. The goal counter up top tells you exactly how much money they’ve raised so far and how much more they need. You can apply your donation to ShelterBox Aid or wherever the funds are needed most.

They’ve also provided a way to donate in honor of or in memory of someone special to you. And you can even mail or email that dedication directly to them. If a cause like this is close to your heart, consider subscribing to their newsletter so you can continue to support them.

ShalterBox Canada keeps their landing page simple and makes it clear that your donation is doubled on Giving Tuesday.

Find Them on The GiveWP-a-Thon December 3, 2019

We’re excited to interview someone from each of these campaigns this Giving Tuesday to learn even more about their causes. We’ve already learned a lot from each.

  • It’s amazing to see the way Lifewater has broken down a huge campaign into smaller, more manageable projects. And the fact that each project is brimming with personal details really brings their efforts to heart.
  • We love how San Diego Refugee Tutoring is using Giving Tuesday 2019 to get a leg up on funds for the next year. That way, they can focus more on results and less on fundraising in 2020.
  • And ShelterBox Canada uses an incredibly specific goal – $30,000 and 60 families – to make their campaign highly targeted. While what they want to accomplish is no small feat, donors can feel like their donation will push ShelterBox much, much closer to their goal.

Each of these three organizations will be featured during our GiveWP-a-Thon on December 3rd.  You can attend and even ask questions of them live during the broadcast. We’re excited to learn more about their efforts, resources, and strategies. We hope to see you there live!



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