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GiveWP version 2.5.5 introduces support for Stripe Checkout 2.0.

GiveWP version 2.5.5 introduces support for Stripe Checkout 2.0. This update includes some useful features for all our free and paid users.

Stripe has been on the leading edge of all things online payments for quite some time. But one of their latest releases feels a bit like a throw-back. Stripe Checkout 2.0 redirects donors from your GiveWP forms to Stripe.com to finish their donation. The experience is very similar to PayPal Standard. Yet, it’s far more attractive and intuitive for donors in comparison.

This updated Stripe Checkout features better security and easier mobile payments. Let’s dig into some of the important features:

Stripe Checkout 2.0 Has Built-in Fraud Protection and Security

Some users prefer to put the burden of security on a third-party by not taking credit card payments directly on their own website. Stripe Checkout 2.0 fills this need by redirecting your donors to Stripe.com to complete the payment. Stripe ensures PCI DSS protection as well as a robust fraud protection service. So using this feature minimizes your own organization’s security risks.

We often discuss the pitfalls of redirecting users off your website. But the benefits here outweigh the usual negative aspects. Oftentimes, an off-site donor experience leads to abandoned donations or donor confusion. People generally get confused on whether they’re actually donating to the right organization when they are redirected.

Stripe Checkout 2.0 streamlines the redirection process and mitigates these concerns. So, not only do you get the benefit of third-party security and PCI-compliance, you also get a great donor experience.

Stripe Checkout Looks Awesome on Mobile Devices

All GiveWP forms should look good on your website from any device depending on your theme. If your theme isn’t as responsive as you’d like, your forms might not look great on mobile. You can change this without switching your theme using Stripe Checkout 2.0. It’s made to look gorgeous on mobile devices.

Stripe Checkout 2.0 forms take up the entire mobile device screen, telling you what you're paying for and providing fields for payment information. At the bottom, it says "Powered by Stripe."

Not only that, but when donating from a mobile device, the screen transition is extremely clean. So users might not even notice they’re on a different site.

Apple and Google Pay

Additionally, Stripe Checkout 2.0 supports both Apple and Google Pay. This means that all our free GiveWP users can enjoy a feature previously only available in our Premium Stripe add-on. Enable Google and Apple Pay in your Stripe account so every donor can choose to donate to your cause either with a credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Customizing and Branding Checkout is Automatic

When your donors give with Stripe Checkout 2.0 using GiveWP, they’ll see your Organization Name, the Form Title, their Amount, and their name and email address. Stripe populates each of these fields when it redirects donors, maintaining the trust you established on your site. On some 3rd-party sites, donors often need to re-enter this information, which loses the crucial connection with the organization. Using GiveWP with Stripe Checkout 2.0 makes sure this doesn’t happen.

The campaign your donors are giving to is shown on the Checkout screen along with the amount, like this $125 donation to Save the Whales.

Much More is Coming to GiveWP Soon

Adding Stripe Checkout 2.0 is just one small piece of some much larger improvements we’re making to GiveWP. We’re excited to continue our mission of “Democratizing Generosity” by empowering all 70,000+ of our users to enjoy these new features.

We’re also pushing toward a whole new way of building out your fundraising campaigns with GiveWP. It’s not quite time to reveal what it is yet, but watch our blog and social channels carefully for sneak peeks and previews of what’s in store!

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4 Responses

    1. Stripe is included in the free plugin and you can connect to your Stripe account under “Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe” in the free plugin you downloaded. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

    1. Hmm… not totally sure what you mean, but let me clarify a bit:
      1. Stripe itself does not have a monthly fee, only a per-transaction fee.
      2. Our free Stripe integration in the free plugin adds 2% per donation. No monthly fee
      3. If you buy the Stripe add-on by itself you will NOT have the 2% fee, but you will need to renew your license yearly.

      Does that clarify a bit? Thanks!

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