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How do I add a donation button to my website?

Are you wondering how to add a donation button to your website? Of course, we recommend using GiveWP, but there are other options.

In addition to learning about donation platform fees, people are also curious about how to add a donation button to their website. There are several ways this can happen. Let’s talk about donation buttons.

Why collect online donations?

Sure, it may seem easier to have a box in the back of the church or traditional mail-based donation campaigns and fundraising events. You may get the big donors out at your gala, but how much did it cost to raise those funds? Your net donation revenue is only what is left after you pay expenses.

If you have a website, let it work for you. People want to give and online donations are the way to go — and have been for more than a decade. People discover your cause from social sharing, their friends, and even by accident in organic search. Let them be part of your cause with a donation button. You can even level up your online donation game by adding donation subscriptions or recurring donations.

What is a donation landing page?

A donation landing page is a page that is created for only one purpose to ask for and collect charitable donations. Unbounce is a great resource everything about creating and optimizing landing pages, so we will defer to their expertise.

That said, Unbounce has some other valuable insight on what a landing page needs:

“A landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message. Make your call to action (CTA) big and position it above the fold. Use directional cues to direct attention to your CTA (arrows or photos/videos of people looking or pointing at your button).”

Bottom line: the purpose of your donation page is collecting donations. Don’t make it difficult to do that. The more form fields and steps that are required, the greater the chance you have of losing your donor.

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What is a donation button?

A donation button is the call to action for any nonprofit — it’s the nonprofit version of a buy now button. The most frustrating thing to a new user is locating your donation button. Don’t hide your donation button on your site. It doesn’t look like begging; we promise. It should be easy to see and easy to find. Also, call it “donate.” People know that word and expect to see it. Alternates may include “Give Now” but we believe donors respond best to “donate” or “donate now.”

Is there more than one kind of donation button?

The short answer to this is yes; there are many options when it comes to donation buttons. You can use a WooCommerce page, connect Gravity Forms and Stripe, use the PayPal button, install a WordPress donation plugin (Charitable, Seamless, or Give — we prefer Give), or even sign up for a third-party donation platform like Classy or Network For Good.
The long answer is you need to determine your nonprofit organization’s goals and what tools you need. We think you only need Give, but we are biased.

How do I add a donation button to my website?

With GiveWP, the answer is easy: download the plugin from, install and activate the plugin, and fill out your donation form. That default donation page will have a button. You can use the shortcode from that donation form to place your donation button anywhere else on your site that you choose: footer, sidebar, and header widgets; in blog posts, and on other pages.

Other options include embedding script or iframes from third-party SaaS services. They may also include installing a Page Builder plugin on top of your online donations. Or you could just use Give. The choices are abundant, but it is your decision to make.

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8 Responses

  1. My church would like to set up a donation link to our upcoming website. Do we set this up with our bank who we do business with? And if so what department should I ask for?

    1. Typically banks won’t do this for you. You could use our plugin easily to integrate with many payment gateways or simply use Stripe or PayPal which provide you snippets to embed.

    1. Hi there. Yes, our “Button only mode” on our forms is what this article describes, and if you use that and set your form to support recurring donations then you’re all set. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, for all types of online purchases/donations, some sort of form HAS to be involved. The only exception to that is if you’ve already purchased from a company, and they store your info and you can just choose a product an “Buy Now” similar to Amazon, or coffee subscriptions, etc.

      With GiveWP you can choose our “button only” mode, so you’ll only see a button on the page, but once clicked it opens up the form. Also keep in mind that you can limit the number of fields to as few as possible and even use Stripe’s “all in one field” option to have the CC info in one single field. That makes for a really slim form that is quick and easy to fill out.

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