Integrate GiveWP with WooCommerce for Powerful Donation Upsells

If you want to support your charity or any other cause with WooCommerce donations, then this add-on is for you. Using Give’s Donation Upsells for WooCommerce you can provide your shoppers with an easy and intuitive way to support one or more causes of their choosing.

How Our WooCommerce Donations Add-on Works

Running alongside WooCommerce and GiveWP, this add-on allows you to select one or more donation forms to display on either your WooCommerce cart or checkout pages. The add-on supports set amount and multi-level donation forms. Once configured, the shopper is presented with a section prompting them to add a donation to their order.

The Cart or Checkout Page with the Donation Section Enabled:

The donation forms have checkboxes that expand when clicked and collapse to display the donation details. You can select more than one WooCommerce donation to give to as well.


Custom Amounts Supported for Donations

If you’d like to provide your customers with the ability to give a custom donation amount you can do that, too! When a donation form has a custom amount enabled the donor will see a customizable donation amount field enabled:

Notice how the amount field is customizable so the customer can give an amount they are comfortable with.

Fully Customizable and Integrated with GiveWP

You can customize the content that appears within the introduction text and each section using powerful options integrated right into WooCommerce. Here is a view of the WooCommerce “Donation” tab that appears within the settings screen:

The add-on options displayed in the WooCommerce settings screen.
The add-on options displayed in the WooCommerce settings screen.

Cross-linked Customers, Orders, and Donors

When a customer adds a donation to their order, that order is:

  1. Stored within WooCommerce and GiveWP.
  2. Cross-linked for easy reference.
  3. A donor is created with reference to the customer in WooCommerce.
Donations made through WooCommerce are marked with a "Woo" badge in Give's donation list screen.
Donations made through WooCommerce are marked with a “Woo” badge in GiveWP’s donation list screen.

Additional Features

  1. No additional gateways needed – the plugin uses the WooCommerce gateways you have enabled.
  2. Donations are not marked as complete until payment is received in WooCommerce.
  3. Fully cross-browser compatible and easily integrated into any theme.

Visit our documentation for additional information.