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Designate Donation Funds On Your GiveWP Forms

Let your donors choose which campaign, budget item, or organizational fund to give to with the GiveWP Funds and Designations add-on.

This add-on allows your donors to indicate what specific areas of need matter to them most within your donation form.

The Donation Funds add-on allows you to:

  • Create as many funds as needed.
  • Use multiple forms to feed the same or different funds.
  • View fundraising reports by form and by fund.
  • Allow donors to choose where their donation goes.
  • Reassign donations to funds.

Unlimited Donation Funds Means Limitless Possibilities

You can create unlimited donation funds, just like your GiveWP forms. When you pair your forms with your funds the opportunities are endless.

  • Designate between general funds and specific funds (like a building fund, holiday giving, etc.)
  • List team members within the same form (school trips, missions work, tournaments)
  • List multiple chapters within an organization
  • Allow donors to choose from any budget item you include!

Add and rename your funds as needed, including the default fund automatically assigned when you install the add-on.

Using Funds and Designations with Your Fundraising Forms

Use your Donation Funds in any way you like. Create funds for fundraisers that use multiple forms to help you reach a single goal or match your accounting funds. The flexibility of this add-on means you can customize it to work to your needs.

Set your forms to a specific fund or select “Donor’s choice.” Donor’s Choice allows your donors to choose from whichever funds you enable.

Set your donation funds on each form, choosing which funds to enable as well as deciding on whether or not you want donors to be able to choose the fund, or set it yourself.

Understanding Your Fundraising Income

Each fund has its own unique reporting panel, so you can see how your funds perform.

Get Donation Funds and Designations

Purchase “Funds and Designations” today! Or, get our Plus or Pro Pricing Plan to benefit from all of our add-ons with this add-on included.