Sometimes it’s the people who give to the community who feel uncomfortable asking. This Give Story is about crowdfunding the Mevo Camera — to benefit the WordPress Community.

About Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker has been an active member of the WordPress community for years and years. Being a videophile, he’s volunteered at WordCamps and He’s primarily known for the WPwatercooler show and Brand — which is now a network found at

As a content creator, Jason has used different methods of both broadcasting and archiving the local WordPress meetups. After hearing about the Mevo — a video camera designed to record and edit live events — he knew this would be the perfect time-saving, budget-conscious solution. But, he didn’t have the spare funds.

Give Story on Video

So, of course, we turned this Give Story into a video. We invite you to watch our interview here.


Jason’s Why

“I love learning from people and when I find the right teachers things just fall into place. Obviously, the folks that teach at our meetups work well for us and many of us have made careers from the info we have learned. I personally really want to showcase the info our group was sharing with others and save it for many to learn from at a later time. Giving to this project is like giving to other [WordPress] Meetups so that they, too, can learn how to do this and do it in a way that has worked for at least one set of other Meetups — the ones that I attend.” Jason Tucker

The Donation Form

Setting up your donation form is one of the best features of Give, in this author’s opinion. You can split out and name the donation levels. I like how Jason Tucker had fun in this campaign, especially the $600 dollar level. He named it “Boom, done!”

Customizing the donation amounts is a good way to optimize Give.
Customizing the donation amounts is a good way to optimize Give.

Quickly Shared, Quickly Funded

This particular campaign was effective in that it was a need that many people wanted to support. There were many tweets and Facebook posts. It was wonderful to see that it had been fully-funded in about 24 hours.

Extending Thanks

It’s important, as a part of any fundraising or crowdfunding campaign, to express your gratitude. Jason Tucker did that and he did it well — on video, of course.

“I want to say that I’m truly proud of our Community.  Share this with other WordPress Meetups.” Jason Tucker


What’s Your Give Story?

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Bridget Willard

Bridget is co-host of WPblab, co-organizer of Women Who WP Meetup, and Team Rep for the Marketing Team for

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