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We’re always amazed when we stumble across a great cause on the web and discover they are using GiveWP to help fund their efforts. We’re so impressed with these stories that we want the world to hear about them.

You can see the stories we’ve started to collect here.

If you’d like us to include your organization’s success story with GiveWP, just fill out this following form. While we don’t publish every story that is submitted, we do read every one of them, and we’d love to hear from you!

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  • GiveWP Story Submission Instructions

    We have 4 basic questions that we'd like you to answer in your Give Story submission. It's our recommendation that in your response you include the following:

    1. Describe your cause and mission
    2. Briefly describe your familiarity with WordPress and web development in general
      We want to know if GiveWP was useful for you specifically in light of your experience with the internet and WordPress.
    3. How did you use the GiveWP plugin?
      Include details like how many forms you created, did you add content to the donation pages, did you use the goals feature. Anything that you feel is relevant to achieving your campaign goals that GiveWP helped with.
    4. What was the final result in using GiveWP for your cause?
  • Please tell us your story! What's your Cause? How you use Give? Things like that :)
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