Give LIVE! User Roles and Capabilities

WordPress Roles and Capabilities are great ways to control what Give users, donors, and others see in your Give Dashboard. We'll discuss this in depth in September's Give LIVE.
Give LIVE -- Role and Capabilities

What if you want your account to see your donations, but not mess with posts and pages? What if you want your donors to be able to view gated content on your site? How do you do these things? The answer is with roles and capabilities. That’s what we’ll discuss in September’s Give LIVE!

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Episode was live on September 13, 2017

October Topic: Leveling Up your Nonprofit Website

Our next event is Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. PST. We’ll discuss important and sometimes overlooked parts of your website that make a big impact on the level of trust your donors will have with your organization.

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13 Responses

  1. Re: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/the-plugin-for-taking-donations/#post-9529215

    I thought I’d move the conversation here. I wasn’t able to give it my full attention, but don’t think this specifically addressed what we’re trying to do. We’re using this plugin: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-memberships/ to control membership. For now, we’re manually adding subscription donors from Give to the membership plan we want them on and removing ones who’s subscriptions have been canceled or expired. We’re interested in doing this automatically. You covered a number of great options, but not the one we’re using. Any more insight/direction on how we could integrate with WooCommerce donations?

    1. Well, the main idea is that when they donate you can change which user role they get assigned, so instead of “Give Subscriber” you can assign them to your Woo Membership User Role instead. With the plugin that’s on Github that’s linked above, you can determine that per form as well. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks Matt! That’s what I thought you were indicating. Unfortunately WooCommerce Memberships doesn’t base access on the user roll. They can be any user roll, and have multiple memberships. There’s some other way that their user is connected to the memberships. I’m not a dev, unfortunately, so I can’t just dig in the code and figure it out. But I’ll have my dev look into it when he’s finished with another project I have him focusing on. If it’s not too difficult, we may build a plugin to handle this.

        1. Hi Tevya! Did you ever find or develop a solution for this? We would love to give access to WooCommerce Memberships when they donate through the Give WP form.

  2. Hello Matt,

    Thank you for this video.
    I want to know if it’s possible with Give to assign different roles in a same form according to the donation level ?

    Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Caroline, I discuss that in detail in the video, and there’s a link above to a plugin that I wrote called “Per Form User Role Assigner Plugin” that will do exactly that.


      1. Hello Matt,

        Thanks for your answer.
        For the “offline donation” case, is there a way to assign the role only once the admin confirm the payment reception ?
        Thank you.


        1. Not currently, you’d have to custom develop that. You’d need to save the wordpress user information without creating the user, then when the donation was manually set to “complete” it would trigger the user registration process. It’s a good idea, but just needs some custom development.

    1. Yes you can turn off registration options within your donation forms that ensure users are not created for donors. As well, under Settings > Access Control ensure that “Email Access” is enabled so they can still access their donation history. I hope this helps answer your question!

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