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How 3 Give Users are Rocking Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, we’re on the lookout for the best Giving Tuesday campaigns from our GiveWP users. Here are 3 of the best we've seen so far.
Giving Tuesday Stories from Give Users

This Giving Tuesday, we’re on the lookout for the best Giving Tuesday campaigns from our GiveWP users.

It didn’t take us long to find a few of the absolute best. In this post, we will highlight the top three Giving Tuesday campaigns that have us inspired.

#TeenSuiteTuesday at The City Mission

City Mission Header

Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center

Laura’s Home is a center where women and children can find safety and the opportunity for a new start. The center takes in women from the Cleveland, Ohio area, where their beds have been full with a waiting list since 2012.

“For women and children, we are a bridge from crisis to stability and self-sufficiency. With 166 beds and 55 rooms, Laura’s Home offers specialized, wraparound services designed to empower families and individuals to live healthy lives.”
Laura’s Home

The difficulty is that the children who come into the home are a wide range of ages. The only place teenagers have to hang out is the same room where five-year-olds play.

“The age gap is huge, and it means that if a five year old is in the room, the games and movies always have to be appropriate for a five year old. Currently, teenagers have nowhere in the building to go for an outlet or to simply hang out with their peers. And for kids this age facing so much uncertainty, creating a place for them to feel normal and develop healthy disciplines has become a critical need.”
Caroline Stoltzfus
Content Marketing Specialist for The City Mission

Giving Tuesday Campaign Goals

The need for a teen room sparks a great story to tell for Giving Tuesday. It allows The City Mission to really explain what the funds people donate will go towards and why they are asking for the amount that they need on Giving Tuesday.

This year they have cleared a space at Laura’s Home that they will fill with “items that will allow teens to learn and thrive.” Included on the agenda is the addition of:

  • Basic Fitness Equipment
  • Multimedia Homework Stations
  • Comfy Furniture
  • A Game Station

All of their intended #TeenSuiteTuesday additions add up to a grand total of $10,000. But they have help and a great strategy to get there.

Giving Tuesday Campaign Strategies

The City Mission isn’t just relying on its social media and email campaign strategy to reach its Giving Tuesday goals. They’re using peer-to-peer fundraising and getting a $5,000 matching gift from Bravo Wellness, a local Cleveland company focused on creating inspiring, personalized wellness programs for organizations.

GiveWP will be used in a variety of ways for Giving Tuesday. The main Giving Tuesday landing page will feature a goal bar and the central Giving Tuesday donation form. They’ve also created a peer-to-peer registration page where people can sign up to create their own Giving Tuesday donation forms for The City Mission. Each peer-to-peer campaigner has their own personalized goal and giving form.

This is the second time that The City Mission will use peer-to-peer campaigning in their fundraising strategy.

“We piloted using peer-to-peer for our annual 5k in June, and it went fairly well for minimum advertising. We had about eight people submit and five of them actually advertise their page/raise funds. I’m hoping this second time around people will be more familiar with the idea and will really champion it.”

Contribute to The City Mission’s #TeenSuiteTuesday

Visit The City Mission’s Giving Tuesday page for more information about their campaign. You can also sign up to create your own peer-to-peer page and help them reach their goal.

Peer to Peer  Giving Tuesday

Launch the #CoffeeSwap by Pledge

Coffee Swap

The History of Pledge

Pledge was founded by Mylo Kaye, who used his experience as a once-homeless person and his technological savvy to find a way to help the homeless. Their mission is to eradicate homelessness from Greater Manchester, UK.

“Living in poverty is often a cycle that traps a person from ever breaking free. When your resources are reduced, such as losing a job or becoming homeless, often your needs increase and you’re not able to pay for basics things like food, shelter or education.”

As a young organization, the challenge is convincing donors to trust enough to give. That’s why this year, they’re using Giving Tuesday to kick off a new campaign called Coffee Swap.

What is Coffee Swap?

Coffee Swap is a fundraiser where donors choose to give the cost of what would be their cup of coffee. Instead of grabbing a Starbucks® or a local brew, you can give the money to a charity instead.

The idea behind Coffee Swap is to break the barrier between not giving and giving at a low cost for buy-in. A donor only has to give up the cost of a cup of coffee to give to Pledge for the first time.

“The small amount is easy on the donor and with us being new, helps us overcome the barrier I spoke about earlier. Once we have the donor involved, we would hope they will be encouraged to help us fundraise again.”
Mylo Kaye

Giving Tuesday Campaign Goals

While there is no set monetary goal for this campaign, the organization has a softer goal of growing its presence and drawing in a large donor base. Using low cost of buying in to their cause boosted by the visibility of Giving Tuesday, they hope to build their email campaign list to continue the relationship afterwards.

Giving Tuesday Campaign Strategy

The Pledge Coffee Swap Giving Tuesday landing page was built with beautiful custom graphics. The page features statistics, reasons to swap, and emotional appeals. They hit the trifecta in cause storytelling.

In order to collect donations and truly use their Giving Tuesday campaign to convert one-time donors into long-term supporters, the team is using Give and a variety of addons, including:

  • Recurring Donations
  • MailChimp
  • Gift Aid
  • Fee Recovery
  • Stripe

As a UK-based organization, the inclusion of Gift Aid is essential for their fundraising efforts. For a new organization hoping to build up an email list, the MailChimp opt-in is also key for their Giving Tuesday campaign. Stripe allows for more streamlined credit card payments and the ability to use Apple or Google Pay, and the Fee Recovery add-on covers the processing fees.

Last, but not least, the recurring donation addon activated for this Giving Tuesday campaign allows Pledge to gain sustaining donors immediately. It’s just the price of a cup of coffee. But as we all know, those can add up to a lot and really benefit the local homeless community.

Contribute to Pledge’s #CoffeeSwap!

Visit the Coffee Swap Giving Tuesday page for more information about their campaign. Swap your coffee if you’re in the mood!

Coffee Swap

Seagate Food Bank

The Seagate Food Bank is Ohio’s only independent food bank, helping fill plates since 1977. Their mission is to provide food free of charge to hundreds of pantries and programs.

“SeaGate Food Bank distributes food to over 400 pantries and programs that serve individuals. Our Senior Program delivers over 5,600 senior food supplements each month and we provide food support to over 1,100 Veterans’ families.”
Seagate Food Bank

But their mission doesn’t stop at feeding the masses. The Seagate Food Bank has a variety of programs, one of which is called Project PJ.

What is Project PJ?

Project PJ is an effort to give kids up to the age of seventeen items for bedtime. Those include:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Slippers
  • Pillows
  • Books
  • And More

“This program aims to raise awareness of the need for bedtime essentials for the children of the underserved. We ask for the community to donate new or very gently used bedtime items for infants, toddlers, boys and girls up to age 17. These items include blankets, pillows, PJs, sleepwear, books, stuffed animals, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hygiene, and other bedtime essentials. Teen sizes are especially needed.”

Giving Tuesday Campaign Goals

Rather than set a specific goal for Giving Tuesday, this organization is using the day to promote one of their programs, Project PJ. There is not a specific monetary goal, but their campaign mission is clear: provide PJs for kids in need.

Giving Tuesday Campaign Strategy

Aside from creating a targeted landing page aimed toward Giving Tuesday donors, the Seagate Food Bank will also qualify for a donation match with their campaign. The Food Bank is participating in #GivingTuesdayNWO, a regionally specific Giving Tuesday grant program for nonprofits participating in Giving Tuesday in the Northwest Ohio region of the United States.

That means that when they raise enough money on Giving Tuesday, their local supporting organization will match it.

Contribute to Seagate Food Bank

For more information about the Seagate Food Bank’s Giving Tuesday campaign or to learn how to contribute, visit their Giving Tuesday landing page.

Giving Tuesday with Seagate

Giving Tuesday Campaigns from Give Users

Each of these campaigns is unique in their approach to Giving Tuesday, but all are special to us. Each Give customer has a cause we believe in and we’ll do our best to help spread the word.

“We’re super grateful for Give and both the way it is growing as a product and the way it has allowed us to grow the power of our online donation platforms. Looking forward to working with you, and seeing what other “Givers” are aiming at this #GivingTuesday.”
Stoltzfus – The City Mission

Tell us about your Giving Tuesday campaign!

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  1. I am in Kenya Africa and this was very very helpful as i hope to have the Giving Tuesday Campaign for my Organization in the nest few days..I do hope that i can get a bit of help if possible…Thanks and hoping to hear from you..Asante Sana.Mo

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