Protecting Endangered Snow Leopards with GiveWP

The Snow Leopard Trust is one such cause -- using Give to protect endangered snow leopards.

We’re consistently encouraged and inspired by our users. All types of nonprofits are using GiveWP. For both large and small organizations (or crowdsourcing campaigns and personal fundraisers) GiveWP is their go-to fundraising tool. The Snow Leopard Trust is one such cause — using GiveWP to protect endangered snow leopards.

About the Cause

The Snow Leopard Trust (established in 1981) is the largest and oldest snow leopard conservation organization in the world. The trust is committed to protecting the endangered snow leopard and its mountain ecosystem.

The trust works with local communities and partners with other conservation organizations and government agencies in snow leopard range countries. They have programs in five key countries: China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Pakistan. Together, these five key areas, contain over 75% of the world’s population of wild snow leopards.

Since 2008, The Snow Leopard Trust has been conducting the world’s first long-term research study of the ecology, behavior, and needs of the snow leopard and its key prey species. This study, based in South Gobi, Mongolia, has yielded several groundbreaking insights into this elusive cat’s secrets.

Another key program, Snow Leopard Enterprises, helps women in snow leopard habitat produce handicrafts from the wool of their livestock. The trust purchases these products and markets them internationally. In return, participants agree to protect the snow leopards and prey species in their area and prevent retaliatory killings.

The Snow Leopard Trust is also helping lead and facilitate the Global Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Program, agreed upon by all twelve snow leopard range countries in 2013.

They have several other important programs including predator-proof corrals, park ranger rewards program for anti-poaching, nature camps for kids, and other education programs in their program countries.

How Snow Leopard Trust is Using Give

The Snow Leopard Trust has used Give since September 2016 for recurring donations. Their donation page features information designed to help encourage donors to give specific amounts.

The donation form explains how much just $10 and $20 per month can do for their organization above a GiveWP recurring donation form.


“We do have a small amount of content on the page as lead-in text to the forms, and also have a number of custom fields on our forms, but do not currently use goals, as when we display meters for fundraising campaigns they are directly tied to our donor management system (Non-Profit Success Pack in Salesforce) to reflect total campaign giving from all channels in real-time.” Jeff Brown

At this time, The Snow Leopard Trust is using about 20 forms. Many of these forms were used as part of their Fall Appeal Campaign during November and December (2017). That campaign sent previous donors to specific forms with pre-selected giving amounts and form-specific donation levels.

“Before using GiveWP we had our own custom developed donation system in Zen Cart that integrated with Salesforce that we used in various versions for 6 years. But in moving off Zen Cart to Shopify as our new shopping platform, I wanted to move to a packaged donation solution that was extensible and relatively easy to integrate with our other systems, and had a very adaptable, responsive, and professional UI, that did not charge a per-transaction ’toll’ to non-profits for raising funds. All these things are exactly what GiveWP provides us.” Jeff Brown

Campaign Results

On GivingTuesday in November of 2016, The Snow Leopard Trust raised $59,000 from 621 gifts for wild snow leopard conservation and research.

As of February 2016, they have received more than 1,700 donations and raised more than $160,000 through their GiveWP donation forms (not including subsequent monthly recurring gifts).

Check out the Snow Leopard Trust and consider donating today.

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