This is an overview of all the things you can do with Give. By the end of this article, you should feel like you know what Give does and the general places that you can find the tools needed.

Getting started with Give is easy! We put together this quick start guide to help first time users of the plugin. Our goal is to get you up and running in no time. Let’s begin!

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Introducing GiveWP Donation Forms

Donation forms are the heart of GiveWP! They’re easy to create, have lots of customizations, and provide the easiest way possible for your visitors to donate on your Cause.

To add a new donation form, simply go to the “Donations” menu, and click on the “Add Form” sub-menu item.

Here are some of the highlights of the Donation Form tool in Give:

  • Single or Multi-level Donation Amounts
  • Use the Form as a stand-alone page, or insert it anywhere on your site with a shortcode
  • Show the payment fields either on the page, reveal on submit, or as a modal window.
  • Require login to donate, and show the login form within the payment fields.

Forms have a lot of options in order to give you the most flexibility in creating your donor form. But always keep in mind to make the form as simple and intuitive as possible for your donors.

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Occasionally, you might be doing multiple campaigns throughout your site. In that case you might want to categorize your forms for easier organization. Give Categories work just like Post Categories.

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Tags are another way to organize your Give forms. Tags help your site visitors more easily find donation forms that are relevant to them, in the same way that Post tags do.

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Donations is where you can see and manage your ongoing donations. Here you can get an overview of your donors, the amounts, date of donation, and can update the status of any donation (particularly helpful with Offline donations).

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Reports allow you to see your donation trends over time. Reports can be generated for specific time periods, for specific gateways, or donors. They can be exported in various file formats, and detailed logs are also available.

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This is where you configure your global settings for how Give interacts with your website. You can set which pages are used for various parts of the donation process, set your Payment Gateways, configure global display options, customize your emails, and get general system info for debugging or support questions.

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The Add-ons page is your portal to seeing all the ways you can extend the functionality of Give. We are continually building out new premium and free Add-ons to enhance your and your visitors experience with donating online.

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