Intro to GiveWP Add-ons

Add-ons are additional plugins that add functionality to the GiveWP core plugin. That means for any of our add-ons to work, you need the free GiveWP donation plugin, which we call “GiveWP Core.”

If you haven’t yet set up GiveWP core, go back to our Intro to GiveWP to get started.

Free vs Premium Add-ons

GiveWP has free and paid add-ons. All of our free add-ons can be found through your WordPress admin dashboard plugin directory or from the Free Add-on page on our website. On the other hand, you will only find our premium add-ons on These are available for purchase on their own or as part of a pricing plan.

Premium Add-ons

Most of our customers choose a Plus Pricing Plan, which gives you access to all GiveWP add-ons, now and in the future, for one website.

All of our pricing is subscription-based so that we can continue to support you and your fundraising needs for years to come. Your annual subscription fee pays for itself when you start to add up the income you’ll receive from just Recurring Donations, alone.

Premium add-ons for GiveWP include Recurring Donations, Form Field Manager, Fee Recovery, and Tributes.

Your Givewp Customer Account

After you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive access to an account on where you can view your subscription payment information, request priority support, download your add-ons, and find your license keys.

The two things to note here are your downloads and license keys. You will need both to use your GiveWP add-ons. Simply completing your purchase will not add these functions to your WordPress website.

How to Install GiveWP Add-ons

First, find your GiveWP add-on license key, or keys, in your account dashboard and copy it. Then, paste the license key into your GiveWP settings on WordPress by going to your admin dashboard and finding Donations > Settings > Licenses.
The GiveWP license key found in your customer account should match what you put in your WordPress admin settings panel.
If you purchased a pricing plan, you will only need to enter one license key here. This provides you with access to all of our add-ons. If you purchased a single add-on, or more than one single add-on, you need to enter your license key for each individually. It’s important to note that in order to use any of our add-ons on your website, you need to download and install the add-ons. Your purchase gives you access to the ZIP files, but they must be installed in order to use them on your website. Find your premium add-on downloads from your account.

Download the .zip file for the add-on you want to use and then login to your WordPress dashboard and find Plugins > Add new. At the top of the page, choose to upload a plugin. Then install and activate the GiveWP add-ons as you would any other plugin.

Now you’ll see additional settings and functions in your GiveWP forms or dashboard area. Which settings appear depend on which add-ons you’ve installed.

Upload your GiveWP add-ons using the .zip format upload field.

Get Started with Add-ons

If you have any questions about a particular add-on, start by reviewing the features on our add-ons pages or documentation. If you still have questions, reach out to our Customer Success Team through our contact page.

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