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Launch Your Giving Tuesday Now Campaign in 3 Easy Steps

Set up a quick and simple virtual fundraising campaign directly on your WordPress site before Giving Tuesday Now on May 5, 2020.
Giving Tuesday Now

We normally advise you to plan Giving Tuesday campaigns months in advance. So how can you pull this off if you only have a few weeks, days, or hours to set up your new Giving Tuesday Now fundraiser?

Don’t overthink it. You can execute a strong and effective Giving Tuesday Now fundraiser on your own WordPress site in no time at all.

Why is the Giving Tuesday Organization hosting two global days of giving this year?

Giving Tuesday Now harnesses the power and strength of community in these ambiguous times. Giving trends are volatile across the world right now. Some organizations have seen massive increases in online donations. Others have seen decreases in giving. One thing is certain, we need our nonprofits now more than ever before.

Generosity is influenced by local, national, regional, and global social trends. When your community is directly affected by an event that disrupts everyday life, people start giving more. The Coronavirus Pandemic has unfortunately disrupted the lives of the entire world population, making this the perfect time for a unified giving movement.

The new Day of Global Unity will help the entire nonprofit community as a whole get through these difficult times together. If your nonprofit organization isn’t planning a Giving Tuesday Now fundraiser, consider it. You might even want to raise money for another organization that you know needs it more than you do.

Step 1: Start with a Giving Tuesday Now Campaign Idea

Your Giving Tuesday Now campaign doesn’t need to be complicated. But you can still make it unique to help it stand out. Choose one of these fundraising ideas to get started.

Tried-and-True Simple Online Donation Forms

The classics never fail. All you need to get going quickly is a new donation form on your website. That way you know what funds came in directly through this campaign. Luckily with GiveWP, you can get a new form up in minutes.

Keep it simple with a classic online fundraiser by creating a Giving Tuesday Now form with GiveWP on your WordPress site. Make sure it’s easily seen from any page by adding it to the main menu, posting a news update, and placing it prominently on your main website pages.

Social Media-Based Fundraising Ideas

Social media challenges can get your fundraiser widely seen, but sometimes convert less donations. If you go this route, make sure the paths to donate are clear and easy to get to.

  • Selfie Challenge Campaign – Ask your supporters to share their donation with a selfie to spread the word about your cause. Make sure that the selfie images highlight what your cause is raising money for. Otherwise, this campaign could get lost among others during an overall increase in social media fundraisers.
  • Profile Takeover – Ask someone with a lot of influence if you can take over their channels for the day. Maybe they can take over yours, too. This helps get your brand in front of new audiences and direct traffic or conversations where you want them to go – your online giving page.

Virtual Fundraising Events

You may have seen many video chat hangout sessions lately. Talk show hosts are even streaming from their own homes. Harness the connectivity of face-to-face conversations and video events for your Giving Tuesday Now fundraiser.

  • Host an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) – This format allows you to find someone influential that people will want to talk to. When someone gives, they can post their questions in the donor comments. These can be displayed on your donor wall in a shortcode or block if you’re using GiveWP.
  • Go on a “Give-a-thon” – Your AMA could be part of your Give-a-thon idea, but the point is to get on video for a LONG time. It might be twenty-four hours or it could be four hours. You decide. Just make the content interesting to watch for your ideal donors.
  • Host an Exclusive Video Hangout – Use something like Zoom to host a virtual hangout with a larger number of people at one time. You can also separate rooms for different donor levels or categories. The choice is yours.

Need More Giving Tuesday Now Ideas?

Use these classic fundraising ideas to help you brainstorm with your team.

Step 2: Set up Your Donation Landing Page

Your Giving Tuesday Now campaign is not nearly as effective without a solid donation form landing page. Donors are less likely to give if your forms are hard to use or give any feelings of doubt.

If you’re on WordPress, you can build a beautiful page with a donation form that gives you the control you want and need. To get started, go to your WordPress Dashboard and find Plugins > Add New. Find, install, and activate these four free plugins if you don’t have them yet already.

Once you have those plugins, make sure you connect your PayPal or Stripe account to your GiveWP donation settings. Complete the entire setup process. It should only take a few minutes. If you don’t have Stripe or PayPal, you can choose from a wide variety of other payment gateways.

Then, create your Giving Tuesday Now donation form and design your landing page. You can use the default donation form page or create a custom page of your own using the page builder of your choice.

Donation Page Best Practices

Your donation form page doesn’t need to be fancy, but there are some things you can do to help it perform better. Use these 10 donation page best practices as a guide and add these tips to add to that list:

Step 3: Get the Word Out About Your Fundraiser

Finally, we’re ready to send donation traffic to your forms! Keep it simple here as well. Take what you normally do for Giving Tuesday and scale it for Giving Tuesday Now.

At a minimum, send your campaign through these mediums:

  • Social Media
  • Emails (segmented)
  • Network Contacts
  • Past Business, Organization, or Media Partners

Giving Tuesday Now is just like Giving Tuesday, except the urgency is even more extreme. Make sure everyone knows about your campaign. And make it shareable.

Giving Tuesday Email Templates

Our Giving Tuesday email templates are still perfect for Giving Tuesday Now. Segmenting your emails and writing the messaging separately for each audience is important, especially now.

Get the Giving Tuesday Email Templates

Check Our Giving Tuesday Now Resource Hub for More Tips

Don’t forget to wrap up your Giving Tuesday Now campaign just like you would your regular Giving Tuesday Campaign. Report on your success, evaluate your shortcomings, and thank everyone for their involvement.

If you need more help setting up your Giving Tuesday Now Landing Page, visit our Giving Tuesday Now Resource Hub.

Go to the Hub

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