The mission of GiveWP is to Democratize Generosity:

GiveWP enables WordPress users to accept donations on their WordPress-powered website with flexibility and ease.

How GiveWP Started

Solving problems using WordPress has always fascinated us. Whether working on clients or our own products, our team gets excited about improving online user experiences while making it easier for clients and users to accomplish their day-to-day goals.

Since 2009, we’ve helped clients raise money online using WordPress. Whether a religious organization or nonprofit, hacking eCommerce plugins or adding donation functionality to forms were among the only viable solutions to building a proper “donation engine” inside WordPress. All too often, even with heavy custom development, fundraising with WordPress was never a truly seamless experience.

GiveWP was built to change that. The mission of GiveWP is to help your organization increase fundraising, empower your cause, and improve donor user experience. The core of GiveWP requires no upfront costs or payment and you can purchase add-ons to make it even more powerful. GiveWP is here to help you raise money directly on your WordPress website now and forever.

The People Involved in GiveWP

We’ve been building and working with WordPress since 2009. Our team is dedicated to developing quality products that solve real problems. Additionally, we pride ourselves on support and community outreach. We regularly attend, speak at, and sponsor WordCamps around the world and have made many great connections and friends along the way.

A core goal of our mission is to continually refine and improve the plugin. Want to get involved with the project? Great! We encourage open source contribution from the community via GitHub and

The Give Team

Team Leadership

Jason Knill, Co-founder and CFO

Jason Knill is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and works with the Customer Success team. He loves attending WordCamps, fishing and being outdoors. He's from Chicago but calls San Diego home.

Devin Walker, Founder and CEO

Devin Walker is the founder of GiveWP and has been working with WordPress since 2009. As the CEO he oversees both the business and development sides of the platform. He's scrappy with code, has a knack for design, and enjoys volleyball in his spare time.

Matt Cromwell, Co-founder and COO

Matt is the Chief Operations Officer of GiveWP and works to ensure all sides of the business are running as smooth as possible. Additionally, he is a contributor to the WordPress project and has spoken at many WordCamps.

A Tribute to Open Source

“Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. Open source software is made by many people, and distributed under licenses that comply with the Open Source Definition.”

~ The Open Source Initiative

GiveWP is a tribute to the spirit and philosophy of Open Source. We at gladly embrace the Open Source philosophy both in how GiveWP itself was developed, and how we hope to see others build more from our code base.