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How to Provide Annual Donation Receipts for Donors

Providing annual receipts can be very taxing (pun intended). But with the new Give Annual Receipts add-on, it can be done for all your donors in a couple clicks.
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Donors give to your cause because they believe in your mission. But, they also want their annual donation receipt to get their tax break at the end of the year.

Providing each donor with their own annual receipts becomes very taxing on you (pun intended), especially if you have a large donor base. Keep donor relations strong without the hassle. The GiveWP Annual Receipts add-on allows all your donors to access their donation tax receipts on their own in a couple clicks. That means more time for you to focus on your cause.

Get Annual Receipts

What are Annual Donation Receipts?

Annual donation receipts are a summary of all the donations an individual donor or business gave your organization over the course of a tax year. These are provided to their accountant to make their tax deduction report easier and verifiable.

An annual charitable donation receipt is a critical offering for most individuals who give on a recurring basis. Organizations who let their donors know that they get this perk up front generally see better results with Recurring Donations. Who wouldn’t feel more compelled to give monthly when they realize that at the end of the year, they’ll get a tax break on it?

How Does the GiveWP Annual Receipts Add-on Work?

In order to provide your own donors with annual receipts easily, you will need the free GiveWP plugin (if you don’t already have it), and our Annual Receipts add-on. These are essential fundraising tools if you’re using WordPress for fundraising.

If you are already familiar with GiveWP, then you know that there is a dedicated Donation History page. Donors can easily access their donation history at any time on that page.

Annual Receipts serve a very similar purpose, but in a PDF format. This makes it easier for your donors to download their donation receipts and include it in their tax files.

A sample annual donation receipt showing the Give logo positioned at the top of the PDF.

The best part about this is that it takes just a few minutes to set up. All you do is install and activate the add-on, click “enable” the settings, and then you’re done. There’s nothing else to do. You don’t need shortcodes or to change anything on your donor profiles. It’s all done for you.

When a new year begins, simply notify your donors that their annual donation receipts are available. However you already communicate with your donors is best. Craft a new years message telling them how to find the Donation History page. From there, they can view, filter, and download a PDF of any year they have on record on your website.

A screencast showing how the donations are filtered with the links above the donation list.

Naturally, like all our add-ons, we have full documentation to explain every setting for Annual Receipts. Our documentation also includes any tips or caveats you should keep in mind as well.

Get Annual Receipts

Some Common Questions for Annual Receipts

Many nonprofit organizations prepare for months and months to send out their annual donation receipts. It’s a pain-point and a source of anxiety for them. So when we say “set your settings and you’re done!” it sounds a little too good to be true. With that level of ease comes some very important questions:

Are all the PDFs stored on my server? Won’t that cost me a lot of server space?

The receipts are not generated in bulk or stored on your site at all — ever. They are generated instantly when the donor clicks on the download link. Then that file is downloaded to their only computer, never your server. The same is true if you navigate to that donor’s Donor Profile screen in your admin and download the PDF for them. This ensures that every time the PDF is downloaded, it contains the latest and most accurate information. It also prevents you from storing all of that information on your website in a way that might be insecure or create liability.

Can I send an individual Annual Receipt to a donor if they ask for it?

Yes. You can still send each donor a receipt if they ask for them. Navigate to their Donor Profile under Donations > Donors and you’ll see a summary of their annual giving and a link to download their individual annual reports that you can download and send to them in any way you’d like.

I’m a Plus Plan license holder, do I have to buy Annual Receipts separately?

No. You already have access to Annual Receipts, right now. As a Plus or Pro Plan license holder, you get all our new add-ons for FREE the day they are released. Just log in to our site and go to the “Downloads” tab in your account. You’ll see your the Annual Receipts download link and license key there already. You’ll also see any other add-ons we added!

Give Your Donors More and Maintain Loyalty

Annual Receipts is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways to make your donors happy. Our Plus Plan allows you to use every single add-on we create to give your donors more. You can also do things like allow them to send eCards to loved ones when they give. Use Zapier to set up automations. The possibilities are endless.

Book a demo with our customer success team to see what else you can do with GiveWP or purchase a Plus Plan now.

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7 Responses

  1. Can I email PDFs automatically to all donors, rather than having to send an email to them and them having to click to the Donation History page?

    1. Not currently. Given how resource intense it is for your server to generate PDFs, and how unreliable bulk emails from WordPress can be, we felt this was the most stable and effective way to get the job done with maximum stability and ease of use.

  2. Our Exec team prefers to mail a printed statement to each donor in addition to donors being able to access their statement online. Is it possible to export name/address/e-mail address data from WordPress for all donors so that I can do a mail merge in Word and I won’t have to type out each name/address?

  3. I have the Pro License running on multiple sites, does the annual receipt consolidate donations made by the same individual on the different sites or no?

    1. No, it’s per site just like the core plugin and all other add-ons are. An integrated multi-site functionality is an interesting idea, but this is honestly the first such suggestion I’ve heard.

  4. I’m not good at the accounting area, and I have a question. Is it possible to have a separate receipt for each individual transaction and a total receipt for all activities happened that year? Thank you.

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