The [donation_history] shortcode displays the current user’s complete transaction history.

Give creates a new page called “Donation History” with this shortcode inserted into the content editor upon install.

Shortcode Usage

As mentioned, this shortcode is inserted into a newly created page on install. There are no attributes for this shortcode. Here is what the shortcode output looks like when a user who has donated visits the page:

Give Donation History View
Give Donation History View

The user can then click into each specific donation and view details:

Give Donation Details
Give Donation Details

Moving the Donation History Page

Most likely you won’t ever have to move or edit this shortcode. However, if you do need to switch the shortcode to another page simply insert it the code into any page and update the “Donation History Page” setting found under Give > Settings > General:

A User's Donation History
A User’s Donation History

This shortcode is required to be on a WordPress page (not post) and the page must be set appropriately under Give > Settings > General.