Add-ons allow you to extend the power and functionality of GiveWP. This documentation shows you how to install, activate, and license premium add-ons on your site that you purchased here at

How to Install GiveWP Add-ons

Add-ons are WordPress plugins and can be installed via a drag-and-drop procedure on the Licenses tab at Donations > Settings > Licenses. Before downloading your ZIP file from the website, follow this streamlined process:

  1. Activate your license
  2. Download the ZIP file
  3. Drag and Drop to upload and activate

Activate your license

When you purchased a GiveWP add-on or a plan, you were emailed a license key. For all-access plans, one license key enables access to all of the add-ons in that plan. For single add-on purchases, each add-on has its own license. If you’ve lost the email with the license key or didn’t receive it, you can get the key(s) from your My Account page.

In a new tab or browser window, log in to your website as an administrator and navigate to Donations > Settings > Licenses.

screenshot of the licenses tab with a faux-key entered in.
The first thing to do is copy and paste the license key into the license tab of the settings page.

Copy and paste the add-on license key(s) from your GiveWP account into your site. For multiple individual add-ons (not in a plan) you will see that each add-on has an area for it’s unique license key. You can copy in the keys one at a time and refresh the page in between.

Download the ZIP file

Once your license has been activated, you should see a full list of all add-ons in the plan listed down the page on the licenses tab.

a list of downloads in a Licenses tab with a red rectangle highlighting the download buttons for each.
The download option allows you to download the ZIP files directly within your dashboard.

Now you can download the add-ons that you want to use on this site by clicking the download button beside each individual addon.

Note: It’s a best practice to only have downloaded and installed the add-ons you are currently using on the site. You can always add more, so start with some essentials and go from there.

Upload and Activate the add-ons

The download button downloads the ZIP to your computer, so the next and final step is to upload from your computer to your website.

To do that, drag and drop the ZIP file into the box inside the “Upload and Activate an Add-on” box at the top of the Licenses tab.

cursor drags and drops a file onto the upload box, then clicks to activate the add-on.
Drag, Drop, Click to activate! Done!

Drag each add-on ZIP to that box, and click to activate them. You’re all set!

Manually installing your GiveWP Add-ons

If the above procedure fails for any reason, you can always access your add-ons by visiting the Downloads section on your My Account page. Once there, click on the link next to the download you wish to install to download the add-on plugin ZIP file.

screenshot of the Downloads Tab of the My Account page.
GiveWP add-on Downloads

With those ZIPs, you can install and activate the add-ons like you would any other third-party plugin, via the “Add New” button on the top of the Plugins page.

WPBeginner has an excellent tutorial on installing plugins. The first part covers installing plugins from the WordPress repository. Skip to the part about uploading plugins through your WordPress admin.