The Manual Donations Add-on allows you to enter new Donation Transactions through your WordPress Dashboard. This article walks you through the steps.

The new Give Manual Transactions Add-on provides a simple way to add donation transactions manually to your website using the admin interface. This is an effective method of reconciling charges that have happened at the payment gateway with your data in Give.


  • Give 1.5 or newer
  • Installing and activating block

Watch or Read

If you like watching tutorials, we have this simple walk-through for you here. Otherwise, scroll down for full detailed text.

Creating Manual Donations

There’s no configuration necessary to use the Manual Transactions Add-on. It does not affect the front end of your site at all for visitors and donors. It works with any of your payment gateways, with this important clarification: you are not actually processing a transaction with the Payment Gateway. You are creating a record of a transaction that has already happened in one way or another.

NOTE: Manual Donations do not actually charge cards or process payments. This Add-on is intended to create transactions that may have happened outside of Give for your records.

After activating the Add-on, you’ll see a few changes. First, when you hover over the “+New” link on your admin bar you’ll see a new post type to add called “Transaction.”

The new "Transaction" link in the Admin Toolbar.
The new “Transaction” link in the Admin Toolbar.

Additionally, on the Transactions page (navigate to Donations > Transactions in the admin area) you’ll see a new link to “Create Transaction.” Both of these two new links take you to the same Manual Transactions page.

The "Create Transaction" button.
The “Create Transaction” button.

On that page, you can create a manual transaction. Let’s walk through how:

Selecting your Form

The first option available is to select which form this transaction will be connected to. Select the form from the dropdown.

Give Forms have a lot of variety in the options available. For the purpose of transactions, Manual Donations dynamically shows different information based on the form you choose.

Standard Forms: Simple, one-time forms with a “Set Donation” amount simply ask for the amount.

Multi-level Forms: Forms with multiple levels will show a new “Donation level” column for you to choose the associated level.

Recurring Forms: Forms using our Recurring Donations Add-on will dynamically show an alert indicating that you are creating a new Manual Subscription.

Animation of dynamically displaying relevant info based on the form chosen.
Animation of dynamically displaying relevant info based on the form chosen.

Once your form is selected you can enter any amount you like.

NOTE: that Manual Donations currently doesn’t support amounts with decimals. One workaround is to create the donation, then go to “Donations > Transactions” then click on the “Donation Details” button of that donation and edit the amount on the Donation Details screen. We plan to support amouts with decimals in a future version.

Choose Your Donor

The next section allows you to choose the donor to this transaction should be attached to. All donations must be attached to a donor. From here you can either pick one from the dropdown, or click the New Donor button to bring up the required fields for creating a new donor.

Transaction Status

The Transaction Status dropdown allows you to choose the status for the transaction.

Payment Method

The Payment Method allows you to choose from the activated payment gateways. Important note: This dropdown pulls from all available payment gateways, not just the enabled ones. So, if you receive an offline donation, but don’t want to enable offline donations on the front end of your form, you can still manually create the offline donation transaction here.

Keep in mind that transactions created with the “Test Gateway” will have the “Test” label appended to them. These can be deleted in bulk with the “Delete Test Transactions” tool (available since version 1.5+).


The Date option autofills with today’s date, but you can make the date any day in the past by clicking the date field and selecting it. Selecting a future date will give the donation today’s date as well. If you need to future-date a transaction, once you’ve manually created the transaction you can go into the individual record and change the date to the future. Note that future-dated transactions still show up on goal progress bars.

Send Email Notifications

If you want the donor and/or the site admins to receive an email notification about this transaction, check the appropriate boxes. The Donor you selected will receive the standard Donation Receipt email if selected; and the Admin will receive the Admin Notification.

Note that the email setting in Donations > Settings > Emails (tab) take priority over the Manual Transactions setting here.This means that if you’ve disabled admin emails there, this option will not send an email, no matter what.


The Notes section allows you to add any additional details to the transaction before saving it. These will appear at the bottom of the “Transaction Details” screen.