PayUmoney is a popular Indian payment gateway that enables you to accept credit card donations via an easy and secure offsite payment process. This article will help you install and configure the add-on so you can accept donations with the PayUmoney Gateway quickly and easily.

Getting Started with PayUmoney

In order to accept payments with PayUmoney using Give you will need to have an active PayUmoney account, the PayUmoney Give Add-on, and the Give Core plugin installed and activated. It is also highly recommended that you have an active SSL certificate for your website.

Click here for instructions on installing and activating Give Add-ons.

Note: You can always access your add-on purchase receipts, downloads, and licenses from your Give Account dashboard.

After your PayUmoney add-on is activated, go to “Donations > Settings” and click on the Payment Gateways tab. There you will see the default Payment Gateways (PayPal Standard, Test Payment, and Offline Donations). You should also see PayUmoney as an option as well. Click on that to enable PayUmoney as an active payment gateway for your website.

Obtaining your PayUmoney API Keys

Once you have activated the add-on it’s time to get the necessary keys so that Give can send donation information securely to PayUmoney. This requires logging into your PayUmoney account and configuring your Give Settings.

Login to your PayUmoney Account:

Test Site:

Live Site:

Integrate PayUmoney Keys with Give:

The following steps outline how to obtain your PayUmoney Merchant Key and Salt needed to integrate with Give:

1. Log into either the LIVE or TEST PayUmoney sites.

2. Once logged in, navigate to your “Seller Dashboard” and click on “Account Details” and then “Merchant-Key Salt“:

Copy the Merchant Key and Merchant Salt.:

3. Copy the Merchant Key and Merchant Salt and paste them into their respective Give settings fields found under WP-Admin > Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways > PayUmoney: 

Copy and Paste the Merchant Key and Salt into Give

3. Click “Save Changes

Double-check one last time you have the appropriate keys in place so you don’t run into issues in the testing process. If all checks out, it’s time to start testing the integration.

PayUmoney Test / Sandbox Setup

It is recommended that prior to going live with any campaign that you first test your integration using a PayUmoney test account.

To setup a PayUmoney test account:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Go through the registration process
  3. When you get to the “Activate your account” step, skip it. It is not necessary to test.
Skip the “Activate your Account” Step.

That’s it! You should be all be setup with a PayUmoney Test Account.

NOTE: If you’re stuck on the “Activate your account” page navigate back to the test homepage and you should be logged in. Notice that now you can access the “Seller Dashboard”:

NOTE: If you are having trouble getting to this point, you may need to reach out to your PayUmoney account manager for tech support so they can activate your test key and salt:

The PayUmoney Test Card

When you get to the donation payment process with PayUmoney you can use the following test payment information.

  • Test Card Name: any name
  • Test Card Number: 5123456789012346
  • Test CVV: 123
  • Test Expiry: May 2017

Paying with PayUmoney

Once the plugin has been setup you can now test with in either LIVE or TEST mode. To test PayUmoney in TEST mode Give must be placed in Test mode. Read more about Give’s Test Mode. Likewise for LIVE mode. Note: if you plan on testing in LIVE mode you will need to use actual credit card information and not the supplied test information above.

Testing PayUmoney:

1. Navigate to a Donation Form with the PayUmoney gateway enabled:

A donation form with PayUmoney enabled.

2. Complete the donation form and click “Submit”. You will then be taken to PayUmoney:

PayUmoney Payment Screen

3. Select your Payment Mode and proceed with the donation. If you are using “Test Mode” be sure to use the test payment information above. Once you have completed the appropriate payment fields, click submit. You will then see PayUmoney processing the transaction:

PayUmoney processing a transaction

4. Upon successful completion of the donation you will then be redirected to the “Payment Complete” page on your website. Likewise, if the payment failed you will be redirected to the Payment Failed page on your website.

PayUmoney payment success.

You will also see the transaction within your PayUmoney account and may receive an email confirmation from PayUmoney depending on your account settings.

Donation payments from Give appearing in the PayUmoney Sellers Dashboard.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

The following section provides helpful troubleshooting information should you experience trouble with the add-on or integration.

1. PayUmoney Gateway Error: “Sorry, Some Problem Occurred”

This vague error essentially means that an issue occurred with the request sent from your website via Give to PayUmoney. Most likely this is caused by incorrect Merchant Key or Merchant Salt being entered within the Give Settings. Double-check that the correct LIVE / TEST Merchant Key and Merchant Salt keys are entered.

For instance, if Give is in Test Mode you must have appropriate PayUmoney Test keys entered. The same goes for LIVE mode.

2. Can I change the gateway label from “PayUmoney”?

Yes. Navigate to WP-Admin > Donations > Payment Gateways > PayUmoney and customize the “Payment Method Label”.

Easily customize the PayUmoney gateway label.

3. PayUmoney Error: “Merchant has to use his own email to make the payment.”

PayUmoney “Merchant has to use his own email to make the payment” error.

This error means your account has not been approved for payments yet. If you are in TEST mode, simply use your test account email rather than the one you’re supplying. If you are in live mode you will have to contact PayUmoney to activate your account: