Zapier has a very wide variety of uses. Some of them are very useful in combination with Give. This article is just one sample use for creating Zaps with the Give Zapier Add-on. It will show you how to use Zapier to auto-tweet a message on your Twitter account when a new donation comes in.

This Video tutorial will walk you through the process. Below the video is a basic step-by-step list that echoes the video.

Give Zapier Auto Tweet Tutorial


Before creating a Zap, you’ll need to

  1. Create an account with Zapier
  2. Install the Give Zapier Add-on and configure it to work with your account. Here’s our documentation on that.

After you’ve done those two things you should have all of the following in place:

  • Zapier account created
  • Give Zapier Add-on Installed
  • Clicked the Invite link in the documentation page in order to add the Give Trigger to your Zapier account


  • Click “Make a Zap”
  • Choose your Trigger App
    • Choose “Give” as the Trigger App
    • Choose “New Donation” as the Trigger
  • Choose your Action App
    • Choose “Twitter” as your Action App
    • Choose “Create Tweet” as the the Action
  • Connect the Accounts
    • Connect the Give account with the API Public Key and the Token
    • Connect with your Twitter account
  • Create any Custom Filters
    • To trigger from a specific form only, choose “Form Name”, “Matches Exactly” and then the name of the form.
  • Create your Tweet text and insert any of the Available Give Fields