How to Set Up Online Giving for Your Church

Online giving for churches is simple when you choose to use WordPress to power your website.
How to set up online giving for your church featured image. Your members have gone cashless. Has your church?

Modern churches need modern giving. Don’t let your church get left behind. Use the best online giving platform for churches and give your congregation all the options they need.

Every church needs to keep the lights on and a roof overhead. To fund your church, you rely on regular tithes and offerings. Yet, not everyone likes to give in the same way. Most people don’t even carry cash or a checkbook with them anymore. So, how can your members give if you don’t have online giving at your church?

Throughout the years there’s been a debate about when and how churches should collect their tithes. Some churches forgo passing the plate and keep a box at the back door. Some have both. Others add online donations to their offering options. In this day and age, your church members usually want to set up tithing online.

Use WordPress.org to Power Your Church Website

How is your church’s site set up right now? Do you have a website that you control completely? You need one and a Facebook Page doesn’t count. We recommend using WordPress.org to create your church website for a few reasons.

  • It’s budget friendly because WordPress is an Open Source project.
  • You own your data. No one can take it down for differing views. And no one can use your member information but you.
  • It’s customizable and flexible so your site can look however you want.
  • Online giving for churches is really easy to set up.

Create a site that reflects your church’s personality and tells your story. Then add pages about your church leadership, ministries, missions, and anything else your congregation has to offer. Finally, add online giving forms.

Powering Online Giving for Churches With GiveWP

You need solid software to get the proper online donation setup for your church. That’s where the GiveWP donation plugin comes into play. GiveWP is the most powerful and functional donation tool you can use on your WordPress website.

Out of the box, GiveWP has no up front costs. It works with PayPal Standard, Stripe, and checks (called Offline Donations). It only takes minutes to add a donation button to any page on your church’s site. The free version of GiveWP allows you to create multiple donation forms, email receipts, use robust reporting, and a lot more.

There’s so much packed into our donation plugin to power online giving for churches, that we wrote a book on it. “More Than an Offering Plate” is a free eBook explaining the best methods to set up online giving at your church so that you can fuel every part of your ministry. 

Good news! Online Tithing is Easily Automated

If your church uses monthly giving (like tithing), then consider adding the Recurring Donations Add-on. This allows your congregants to automate their regular giving, just like their Netflix subscription.

Even your most loyal members forget to give which can be stressful as depicted by a man with his head in his hands. Learn how to set up online giving for your church to help them automate the process.

Since many congregants tithe 10% of their salary, subscribing to tithing an added convenience. They can set it and forget it, resulting in less actual forgotten tithes.

How Can I Get GiveWP Free for My Church?

The GiveWP core fundraising software is free to download and always will be. Payment gateways (like PayPal Pro, Stripe, etc.) have their own fee structure, which is unavoidable. The only fee you’ll ever encounter in the free plugin from our team is a 2% Stripe fee, which helps to maintain its functionality. If you’re not using Stripe or you’re using the add-on, you’ll never encounter this fee.

The Free GiveWP WordPress Donation Plugin includes:

  • Unlimited Donation Forms
  • Form Grid Display Style
  • Full-Featured Reporting
  • Donor Management
  • Donor Comments Wall Display Options
  • Customizable Forms

If your church already has a WordPress website, that’s great. If you don’t, you can easily get started using the Astra Theme Elementor Church Website Template.

Have More Questions?

Our Customer Success Team would love to schedule a personalized demonstration with you. We know every church has different needs and we’re happy to help you find the best online giving solution for your church in a one-on-one session.

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