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5 Facebook Groups for Nonprofits You Need in Your Life

Facebook Groups for Nonprofits are the perfect place to network, raise money, and more.

Are you new to the Facebook Group life or just looking to expand your connections in the nonprofit world?

Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of groups out there on Facebook talking about fundraising…it’s getting crazy!

That’s why we compiled some of the best Facebook Groups for nonprofits out there today.

Before we share our top favorite groups, here are some benefits of being a part of them.

The Benefits of Facebook Groups for Nonprofits

If you’re on the fence about joining more groups, check out these benefits of connecting on Facebook for your nonprofit.

  • Reach more donors: by connecting with more Facebook groups, you’re increasing the chances of your nonprofit being seen. Each share, comment, or connection can be a closer reach to your new donors.
  • Increase your supporters: by joining Facebook Groups you are showing support and increasing your own supporters by doing so.
  • Virtual fundraising venue: Facebook is a place where you can host events, live stream, or share your fundraising story, virtually, and from anywhere.
  • Community building: whether your local or international, you can build a solid community by engaging with others in their Facebook Groups. It’s so important to build a community you support and trust in the nonprofit industry.
  • Create nonprofit Facebook Ads: if you’d like to chip in a little dough to get the fundraiser ball rolling, you can create nonprofit Facebook Ads at a low cost.

Those benefits alone can help you raise money and meet your donation goals. Now let’s dive into the groups!

1. WordPress for Nonprofits

WordPress for nonprofits Facebook group

Members: 1.0K

Who it’s for: Nonprofits in the WordPress world (and beyond) that are looking to connect and raise ideas, topics, and suggestions to help fundraisers all over the world.

What you’ll find: This group is available as a resource to Nonprofit thought leaders, staff, WordPress freelancers, and agencies. Its purpose is to discuss the challenges they face as well as share great things they have done with their WordPress website for others to learn and benefit from.From the Facebook page: WordPress is an excellent platform that enables nonprofit organizations to manage their website themselves. But there are so many different tools, plugins, themes, and more available that it can be hard to navigate what’s best for you and your organization.

This group is moderated by the following WordPress/Nonprofit professionals:

The team at Impress.org, authors of the GiveWP donation plugin, the best way to collect and track donations on your WordPress website.

Bowe Frankema is project lead for cfcommunity.net. They raised over 26k Euros last year to build an international hub for those with Cystic Fibrosis. Bowe is very experienced with nonprofits and BuddyPress.

2. GiveWP Community

GiveWP Community Facebook Group

Members: 1.4K

Who it’s for: If you are building a WordPress website for a great cause or purpose and need insights and conversation, this is the place to be.

What you’ll find: This is the place to connect with other Givers and find new and exciting ways to create and promote your campaigns.

From the Facebook page: Welcome to our growing GiveWP community!

We are passionate about Democratizing Generosity. How can you help others give more easily and more often?

We do weekly “Motivation Mondays” and “Tip Thursdays”, so come ready to share your ideas.

We encourage you to TAG your post with any of the following topics:

  • Fundraising
  • Web Design
  • Plugins
  • Nonprofit Tips

This is also the place where we will share with you all the great and upcoming things we have in store for the GiveWP plugin and all its add-ons and features. We’ll share exclusive videos, contests for swag, discounts and more.

3. Remote Nonprofit

Remote Nonprofit Facebook Group

Members: 13.6K

Who it’s for: Nonprofit professionals who are currently working remotely or looking to start virtual work.

What you’ll find: This group contains remote job postings as well as discussions about the challenges of working remotely in the nonprofit sector.

From the Facebook page: Job postings, tips, and camaraderie for those holding (and wanting to hold) remote, telecommute, social enterprise, or traveling positions in the non-profit sector.

I use tags so you can use the search function of the group to find what might be most helpful to you.

4. Nonprofit Marketing Roundtable

Nonprofit Marketing Roundtable

Members: 1.5K

Who it’s for: Nonprofit networking with other nonprofit marketers in a roundtable way.

What you’ll find: Like-minded network professionals that gather their intelligence to help you become a better nonprofit.

From the Facebook page: This group is a free, private Facebook community for nonprofit leaders. We network and share insights and resources.

Our group’s lead administrator is Jo Lynn Deal, a nonprofit marketing and fundraising consultant and former chief development and communications officer for a large nonprofit.

Jo Lynn’s marketing firm has helped hundreds of nonprofits improve their marketing, increase donors, and increase revenue.

Our group is a sub-group of the Nonprofit Marketing Academy.

5. Nonprofits MasterMinds Group

Nonprofit Masterminds Facebook Group

Members: 2.1K

Who it’s for: Those looking to learn about nonprofit events and webinars.

What you’ll find: In this group, other nonprofit experts post their webinars and events for you to explore. You won’t find too many discussions here, rather a transfer of information in a webinar or virtual event form. It’s useful for those that are trying to build their own nonprofit webinars or looking for great hosts.

From the Facebook page: This group is a mastermind for Nonprofit organizations. It is open to anyone who wants to join. The goal is to share ideas and assist with questions about nonprofits.

Ready to Join (or Create) a Nonprofit Facebook Group?

We hope these 5 Facebook Groups for nonprofits bring you a lot of value. Each group has its own insight that may fuel your fundraiser to be the best it can be.

And we look forward to seeing you in our GiveWP Community Facebook Group!

Check out these articles for more information on Facebook groups and fundraising.

Good luck connecting with others on Facebook and growing your nonprofit. If you’d like to share any Facebook Groups with us, please drop them in the comments below.

See you in the group!

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