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5 Marketing Integrations to Boost Online Fundraising with GiveWP

Marketing integrations for GiveWP include ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and ConvertKit.
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A donor relationship should begin with a thank you, not end with one. You want to keep in touch with donors beyond simply thanking them and build a true relationship over time, sharing your vision and stories with them to engage and inspire future donations and even volunteering and sharing opportunities.

Building a donor community is crucial to the health of an organization. The best way to keep in touch with your donors is by subscribing them to your email newsletters or fundraising marketing systems. Up until now, we’ve had four great marketing add-ons for integrating marketing (think: engagement) with your GiveWP fundraising. Today we introduce the fifth one: GiveWP + ActiveCampaign.

Introducing ActiveCampaign for GiveWP

The ActiveCampaign GiveWP Add-on

We are pleased to have an integration for ActiveCampaign, a robust CRM that allows you to implement donor data management, Email marketing, and automations. With the new GiveWP add-on, third party applications like Zapier aren’t necessary to get your data from your WordPress website into ActiveCampaign. Simply activate your add-on, then implement it.

It sounds simple, because it is! No more zapping. No more downloads/uploads. Now you can move your data seamlessly.

Benefits of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign’s offerings include:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Search functionality, including custom fields
  • Team member assignments
  • Deals/Sales management
  • Task management
  • Automations based on different triggers including purchases, replies to campaigns, and tags

When you use the GiveWP ActiveCampaign add-on, your donors are automatically added to your ActiveCampaign contact database. From there, you can do anything that ActiveCampaign offers in terms of contact, task management, campaign emails, and automations.
Learn More About ActiveCampaign

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Other Give Marketing Integrations for GiveWP

Whichever email marketing add-on you choose, you can’t go wrong! All of our marketing add-ons integrate seamlessly with GiveWP and your chosen email system.

Make connecting to your email marketing system simple and strong!


The GiveWP MailChimp add-on provides flexible functionality allowing you to set global and per-form settings for various subscription options. The plugin allows you to select one or more audience lists that donors will be automatically subscribed to when donating to specific causes if they opt-in (or if they don’t opt out, depending on your form settings).  For instance, if you want only donors who give using your “Giving Tuesday” donation form added to the “Giving Tuesday” mailing list you’ve set up, this plugin allows for that level of control. You also have the ability to enable a “global” newsletter list, which all donors can have the option of opting into on all donation forms.

Are you also using the Form Field Manager Add-on? If so, you can send that information directly to your MailChimp lists, too, letting you use MailChimp as a CRM.

Setting up the add-on is simple. All you need is to enter your MailChimp API key, select your options, and you’re all set.

Constant Contact

Many nonprofit organizations use Constant Contact to keep in touch with their donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. If you’re using Constant Contact, we’ve got an add-on that works for you, with an easy connection and management.

Once you’ve implemented the add-on, your donors can opt into your newsletter (or other audience lists) easily, and save you the hassle of exporting or manually entering new email addresses yourself.

You use Constant Contact for keeping in touch with donors, and with this add-on, it’s even easier.

The GiveWP Constant Contact Add-on:

  • Adds an optional Constant Contact newsletter sign-up checkbox to each donation form
  • Integrates with your existing Constant Contact account
  • Is customizable on global and per-form levels for complete control
  • Provides an easy way to increase newsletter signups and email marketing efforts


Like the other email add-ons, our GiveWP AWeber Add-on lets you keep in contact with your donors and other stakeholders in an easy and manageable way.

The GiveWP Add-on makes integrating your GiveWP Donation Forms with your AWeber email lists painless with these great features:

  • Easy authentication with the AWeber Authentication App
  • All your AWeber lists are populated dynamically in your GiveWP Settings
  • Powerful global default settings allow for granular control
  • Per Form override settings for more finite control
  • Donors can opt-in to your newsletter by just checking a box


ConvertKit is another great option for emailing your stakeholders. The GiveWP ConvertKit Add-on allows for simple integration between your GiveWP databases and your ConvertKit lists.

Use ConvertKit to stay in touch with your donors through newsletters, giving appeals, and organization updates.

  • Easy setup using your ConvertKit API key
  • All your forms and tags are pulled directly into your GiveWP Settings
  • Powerful global default settings allow for granular control
  • Per Form override settings for more finite control
  • Donors can opt-in to your newsletter by just checking a box

Which Marketing Integrations Do You Need with GiveWP?

It may seem strange to think of nonprofit engagement as “marketing” but the concepts of engagement are the same whether you’re selling a product or requesting donations. You want to get the information in front of the people making the decision so that they can support your cause.

Take advantage of newsletters, social media, blogging, and all the marketing venues you can. Show your donors the good that they can do through you.

Amplify your fundraising with a GiveWP Plan

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