Client/Cause: Documenting Hope

Web Agency: codeBOX

Plugin: Give

Integrations: Give, Double the Donation, Infusionsoft

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About the Client:

Documenting Hope’s previous tech setup to power their online donation management of PayPal and Infusionsoft was too burdensome and didn’t fit their needs. They needed a simpler solution to manage donation forms on the front end while still integrating donor data with Infusionsoft.


Documenting Hope was already on WordPress and their site was built with best practices so the codeBOX development team knew the ask to implement the Give plugin was simple. The client needed to more easily accept and manage donations, keep Infusionsoft and integrate an additional piece of technology: Double the Donation.


codeBOX completed this project on time and on budget. It was simple for their WordPress shop to implement and now Documenting Hope has an improved front and back-end user experience, while still integrating their previous technology. Through development, codeBox empowered Documenting Hope to do more to raise awareness around Childhood chronic illnesses.

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The Give Team

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