Democratizing Generosity Means Embracing Diversity and Opposing Racism

A message of commitment from our CEO, Devin Walker, on how our company stands against racism and embraces diversity.

The GiveWP mission to “Democratize Generosity” is meant for every person, everywhere. Our company is wholeheartedly in complete opposition to racism. We spread generosity for positive empowerment, not disempowerment, nor for violence, murder, or racism.

Our company is made of many different people with many different views — but in this, we are all united. Our customers also span across many ideological spectra, but we have drawn the line previously and will continue to address issues of prejudice, racial intolerance, and violence.

Over the last days, all of us in the U.S. have witnessed and experienced the anger and unrest stemming from the violence committed against George Floyd in Minneapolis. Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy. We hope to help generate more meaningful discourse that elevates acceptance and equality for everyone. We need to come together in our communities and as a nation.

As a human and proud American, I continue to be alarmed, disturbed, and saddened by the treatment of our Black community and the lack of change. The only way we can make a positive change is if we take responsibility for each other’s actions and stick up for what we believe in.

As a company, we believe in action. It will take time for us to fully implement some changes we want to see happen, but for the immediate term, we are doing the following:

  • For the next week, we will donate $5,000 to a number of nonpartisan organizations, determined by our employees. We will also match every dollar they donate to a social or charitable cause in their local neighborhoods up to $500 per employee. Our team is excited to help us reach our goal to donate a total of $ 10,000 in the next seven days.
  • Soon, we’re launching an official employee donation matching program to perpetually continue these efforts as long as we are in business. This is our long-term commitment, because change does not happen overnight.
  • We believe in equal opportunity and have practiced it to the best of our abilities, but our efforts have not succeeded in bringing more diversity to our team. We commit immediately to double-down on our efforts to ensure our candidates come from a diverse pool of ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and belief systems. We are committed to a diverse workforce and actively working to bring more diversity to our team.

To our entire team: We are here for you. We support you. We care about you. Our company’s mission is to democratize generosity, code for good, and stand up for what’s right and just. We’re thankful to all our employees for their hard work and generosity.

To our community, neighbors, and all of our GiveWP users and customers: We are just one company among many. We are a small but committed team of humans who believe that together we can do more and be more. Change demands far more than a single company can give. Please join us, everyone from everywhere. Be more generous with your funds, your time, your efforts, and seek to do what you can to ensure this kind of violence is opposed and prevented for generations to come.

Progress Updates

June 19, 2020:

Since this announcement, we’re proud to have already made some incremental progress:

We have implemented a 3-pronged employee donation matching program. This program empowers and encourages our employees to be generous in their communities by either donating financially or with their time. Employees can donate financially and be matched, donate their time outside of work and we’ll donate financially to the same organization; or they can apply for paid time off to donate their time as well. The flexibility of these programs allow employees to focus on areas of volunteerism and charitable giving that are most important to them as individuals.

We also reached out to the city of San Diego for resources on improving the diversity of our company. The city provides good resources and connected us to Workforce.org specifically. We will be partnering with them more and more to increase the diversity of our employee base.

These are just the very first initial steps we are taking to more proactively support racial diversity and equity within our company.

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