This documentation provides an overview of the Give Annual Receipts add-on. It covers how to enable annual receipts, how donors can view and download their receipts, and how site administrators can view and download annual receipts of individual donors.

The Annual Receipts link that appears above the Donation History table.

Getting Started

The first step in adding annual receipts for your donors on your website is to download and install the Give Annual Receipts add-on.

Next, you’ll need to enable annual receipts. In your WordPress admin, navigate to “Donations > Settings > Annual Receipts”. Once you select “Enable” you’ll be able to see the options available to you. Most likely you can simply click on “Save” and be ready to go.

Read the Annual Receipts settings documentation for detailed instructions on how to configure these settings.

How Your Donors View and Download their Annual Receipts

Once Annual Receipts are enabled, a notice and a link are added above the Donation History table that allow your donors to securely view their donation history.

Read our documentation on the donation history page, and annual receipts page for more details.

The Annual Receipts page provides an overview for each year and PDF download links for tax purposes.

Viewing and Downloading Donor PDFs as an Admin

Site administrators can also access individual donor annual receipts as PDFs from the donor detail screen. Navigate to “Donations > Donors” then click on the donor you want to retrieve annual receipts for. At the bottom of the individual donor screen you’ll see a table listing all the annual receipts that are available for that particular donor. PDFs can be opened in the browser by clicking on the link, or option-clicking to save to your local computer.

The Donor Details screen has a table listing the available annual receipts for that donor for you to access and download.