Testing is always an important element before launching a campaign. This document gives you an overview of how you can test Recurring Donations.

Generally, all the information you need to properly test your donations are covered in our Test Mode document. Read that first for a detailed overview. But there are a few additional things to keep in mind when testing Recurring Donations as well.

Using Periods to Test

The only way to confirm with certainty that your donations are actually recurring and subscription payments are being triggered correctly is to setup a recurring donation. This means that the quickest you’ll be able to confirm the subscriptions is the lowest period that your gateway supports.

For example, Stripe supports daily recurring payments. This means that you’ll need at a minimum of 24+ hours to confirm that all is configured correctly with Stripe. In contrast, Authorize.net’s minimum period is weekly. This means that you’ll need at minimum 7 days to confirm that recurring is configured correctly with Authorize.net. We emphasize this so that you can take the necessary steps to plan your recurring donations testing in advance.

Special Gateway Considerations

Some gateways require special configurations to support recurring payments. Please be sure to review the documentation we provide for your gateway to see if there is any additional notes about testing with recurring payments.

Testing Locally

It’s also important to note that because of how some gateways communicate with your website, testing recurring donations locally is not easily achievable. Instead, we recommend testing in a live staging environment.