The Recurring Donations add-on extends GiveWP’s core Export toolset to allow for exporting of upcoming Renewal data. This document explains where to find that, and the various options.

You can export all your upcoming renewals with one simple tool. Simply go to “Donations > Tools > Export”.

Exporting Upcoming Renewals Tool
Exporting Upcoming Renewals Tool

The Exporting Upcoming Renewals Tool

There are three fields that can be configured to export your upcoming renewals:

  • Donation form
  • Start Date
  • End Date

All of these are optional. If you go to this page and simply click “Generate CSV” you’ll get all relevant upcoming renewals for all the recurring donation forms for one month starting from the current date.

You can optionally limit the date range of the export by setting a start and end time.

You can also set the tool to export the upcoming renewals for just one donation form. If you do not choose a form, then the export will pull the upcoming renewals from all recurring donation forms.

Note:If you choose a donation form which does not have any upcoming renewals, the tool will export an empty CSV file.