The Renewal Donations tab of the Reports section in your GiveWP admin area provides you with a place to see renewal donations. A renewal donation is any subsequent donation (not the initial one) initiated originally by a recurring donation.

If you’ve activated the Recurring Donations add-on, the tab will show alongside the other reports tabs at Donations > Reports.

Screenshot of the Renewal Donations tab at Donations > Reports
The Renewal Donations tab of the GiveWP reports provides quick reference for how well your recurring donations are working.

Similar to the Income tab, the Renewal Donations tab of the Reports section provides a chart showing the number of renewal donations as well as the amount of those donations.

The only difference between this tab’s chart and the Income tab is that there’s not estimated monthly income and donations.

Note that parent donations (the first one of a recurring donation) are not renewals, only the subsequent donations are.