The GiveWP Recurring Donations Add-on has built-in functionality to notify your donors when their subscriptions are renewed, about to renew, or expire. This article describes how to configure recurring emails.

Currently, Recurring Donations supports five emails, four of which are turned off by default:

  • Renewal Receipt Email
  • Subscription Cancelled Email
  • Subscription Completed Email
  • Subscription Reminder Email
  • Subscriptions Email Access

Navigate to Donations > Settings > Emails (tab) where you will see the five emails that can be configured.

Subscription Completed Email:

This email sends whenever a donation completes the recurring period the donor selected. It’s an excellent opportunity to thank them for their support, and encourage them to continue assisting your cause. There is one additional email tag:

{subscriptions_completed} – shows whether the subscription is completed or not.

Subscription Reminder Email:

This settings page holds the configurations for both reminders that recurring donations are about to process, and that recurring donations are about to expire.

Once enabled from the settings, click on the link to be taken to the settings page for that email. There are options that control how far before the event these emails send and editors to customize these emails. Certain payment gateways can also be excluded from these emails in the field at the bottom.

Subscriptions Email Access:

This sends donors an email which has an email access link for obtaining access to their subscriptions details.

{username} – The donor’s username on the site, if they registered an account.

{user_email} – The donor’s email address.

{email_access_link} – The donor’s email access link.