Subscription payments have slightly different statuses than standard donation statuses. This article helps you understand them so you can manage your subscriptions statuses correctly.

Important: When you change a subscription status in the subscriptions details screen using the drop-down input it will not update the subscription in the gateway. You will need to update the subscription in your payment gateway to keep the information in sync. The cancel button will cancel at the gateway but the drop-down input will not.

Just like normal payments, you’ll find each successful subscription donation on the donation payments listing screen. If you — for any reason at all — need to update the status of a subscription payment, you can do that from the donation details screen.

Recurring Donations Subscription Status Definitions:

  • Active: The subscription is set as active in GiveWP and is indicated by a green icon. This status is reserved for subscriptions with donation payments being actively collected.
  • Completed: The subscription has run it’s course and is now maked as complete. This is indicated by a dark gray icon. Some gateways, such as PayPal, refer to completed subscriptions as “expired”. However, in GiveWP we refer to them as “Completed” for better clarity.
  • Expired: The subscription has missing multiple payments, most likely due to payment failures. This can happen when a card expires or the donor changes payment information.
  • Cancelled: The subscription has been cancelled and is no longer being charged donation payments. This is indicated by a light gray icon. Subscriptions may be cancelled by a donor or admin. When a subscription is cancelled by the admin via the Payment Gateway it will update in GiveWP if the proper webhook is set according to that gateway’s documentation.
  • Suspended: The subscription has been suspended and is a paused state. GiveWP support for pausing subscriptions is dependent on each payment gateway’s API support of that feature.