The Stripe add-on for Give includes functionality for accepting donations via Apple Pay and Google Pay on supported browsers. This documentation will walk you through how to configure your site to support that functionality.

Getting Started With Apple Pay and Google Pay

Navigate to Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways (tab) and enable the Stripe – Apple Pay and Stripe – Google Pay gateways.

Enabling the gateways will add them as options to your forms. You can enable one, the other, or both.

Click the blue Stripe link at the top, then navigate to the Google/Apple Pay tab. Click the “Register Domain” button to finalize the setup of Stripe’s Apple Pay integration.

When you click Register Domain, that will begin the connection to your Stripe account.

What’s going on behind the scenes here: Give is creating a file and saving it to a specific spot on your server so that Stripe and Apple can verify the domain from their side. All of that happens in one step on your site.

Note: For servers/hosts like Pantheon who prevent file modification on the live site, the process needs to be done on development and then pushed to live, then click the “Register Domain” button on the live site again to complete the process. To manually move the file, it’s in the root of your give-stripe directory and should be moved to a (new) /.well-known/ directory at the root of your live site.

Save the settings at the bottom, and you’re all set.

Testing Apple Pay

Apple Pay and Stripe have a slightly different method of testing that can be a bit nerve-wracking, since it appears to use real money from a live card.

With a live card saved in your Apple Wallet, toggle Give into Test Mode and submit a donation. When the Apple Pay dialogue pops up, you are able to confirm, and it will appear as though real money was used. Rest assured that real money was not used, as long as Give was in test mode.

Testing Google Pay

In order to test Google Pay, save a test card in your device’s Google Wallet (on desktop Chrome, visit chrome://settings/payments to set that card). Use the number 4242 4242 4242 4242 and any CVC, as well as any date in the future. See Stripe’s test cards for additional numbers to trigger different responses.

With the test card saved, toggle Give into Test Mode and submit a donation. It’s a best practice to submit that donation from a logged out (of the WordPress account) browser to most closely simulate what your donors will encounter.

Apple/Google Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike Apple Pay, there’s nothing to set in the Stripe account for Google Pay. As long as the donor is on a supported browser and has a payment method saved in their Google Wallet (or saved within chrome://settings/payments), Google Pay will “just work.” More info here on saving cards.

Apple Pay and Google Pay both require the donor to have a payment method saved in their “Wallet” for each respective service and to be on a supported device and browser in order for them to function. If those conditions aren’t met, a warning is displayed, and the Donate button disappears.

Try disconnecting the domain on the Stripe dashboard and reconnecting it.

Navigate to Payments > Apple Pay and delete the domains that are experiencing issues. Then, click the “reset” button on the back end of Give. Finally, follow the instructions above to reconnect, and save the settings when you’re done.