Stripe is a well-respected international Payment Gateway with support for a large number of countries and currencies. With Stripe and Give you can accept Credit Card donations directly on your website easily and seamlessly.

Getting Started with Stripe

In order to accept payments with Stripe using Give you will need to have an active Stripe account, the Stripe Give Add-on, and the Give Core plugin installed and activated. If you plan on accepting Credit Cards on site we also highly recommend you have an SSL certificate.

Click here for instructions on installing and activating Give Add-ons.

Note: You can always access your add-on purchase receipts, downloads, and licenses from your Give Account dashboard.

After your Stripe Add-on is activated, go to “Donations > Settings” and click on the Payment Gateways tab. There you will see the default Payment Gateways (PayPal Standard, Test Payment, and Offline Donations). You should also see Stripe as an option as well. Click on that to enable Stripe as your credit card Gateway for your website.

Stripe Documentation
Stripe Documentation

If you would like to accept credit cards directly on your website with Stripe you will need an SSL certificate.

Obtaining your Stripe API Keys

Once you have activated the Add-on it’s time to get your API Keys and configure your Give Settings to integrate with Stripe.

Login to your Stripe account and you’ll be presented with the Stripe Dashboard like the image below.

Stripe Dashboard
Stripe Dashboard

Click on your name in the top right and you’ll see a drop-down appear. Click on Account Settings and you’ll be presented with a modal screen with many tabs like below.

Stripe Account Tabs
Stripe Account Tabs

Click on the API Keys tab icon. There you’ll find all the API Keys you need to integrate Give with your Stripe account.

Test Keys are great for testing your donation forms before pushing your site live. When you are ready to go live, make sure to update your Stripe Add-on settings with the Live Secret and Publishable Keys.

Important: for test keys, follow the same steps above (click your name > Account Settings, etc) AFTER toggling the stripe dashboard into test mode on the top left of the page. Test keys generally start with “sk_test” for the secret key and “pk_test” for the publishable key. Enter those keys in the appropriate spot in the Stripe settings. When your site is in Give test mode (more on that below) it uses these keys.

Integrating Your API Keys in Give

Copy each key and go to your WordPress site. Go to “Donations > Settings” and click on the Payment Gateways tab. There you’ll see a section called Stripe Settings. Paste each key into it’s respective field, then hit save.

That’s all there is to it. Now when your donors come to your site, they’ll be able to use credit cards to donate to you directly in the currency of your country and not have to be redirected to another site.

Testing the Stripe Gateway

We always recommend you first test your payment gateway prior to launching it on a live site. Thankfully, Stripe makes this easy.

First, put Give in Test Mode:

Give Test Mode Activated
Give Test Mode Activated

Now that Give is in Test Mode it’s time to see which test credit cards work with Stripe. Check out the Stripe Testing Credit Cards for the list of sample cards.

Now insert sample field data into the other Give fields and run the transaction through. If you see the donation completed on the other end then you know it’s working properly:

Donation Complete
Donation Complete

So, at this point, you’ve done the following:

  • Your Stripe Test API Keys are inserted into the Give gateways settings
  • You’ve placed Give into Test Mode
  • You’ve made a donation on your site with one of the test credit card numbers that Stripe provides

stripe-live-test-mode-toggleHow do you know the donation actually worked? Login to your Stripe account, and in the top-left part of the Dashboard you’ll see a toggle to switch between “Live” and “Test” mode.

When you switch to “Test” mode, all the transactions that you see on the Payments screen were done via the Test API Keys. If you see your recent test donations there, then you’ve successfully tested Give with Stripe and you’re done!

Testing Recurring Donations

If you want to test Recurring Donations, make sure that you’ve also put your Stripe Webhook into Test mode. See our Stripe Recurring Donations documentation article on that here.