Below are frequently asked questions for the Tributes Add-on.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Tributes Add-on

The Tributes add-on, by virtue of some of the features of it, is a larger file than most of our add-ons for Give. At release, it topped out at about 15MB. For reference, the Stripe Add-on is currently just over 500 KB (or .5 MB), which makes Tributes 30 times larger than Stripe.

If you are curious, most of that size is the PDF generation library included in Tributes, which includes a BUNCH of fonts, and they take up a lot of space (20 MB before being zipped).

Especially on shared hosts, this can be problematic for uploading the Tributes add-on. Many times the PHP Post Max size as well as the PHP Max Upload size and even the PHP Time Limit are set low on those servers to prevent one site from hogging all the bandwidth and memory. If they are too low, the file won’t upload.

This can be especially frustrating if other add-ons and third-party ZIP files are uploading without issue.

You can see what your host has those variables set to in your System Info.

Options for fixing it.

Many times your host can increase the PHP limits for you, if you ask. That’s the best case scenario. You’ll need them to be higher than 15 MB and probably about 60 seconds of execution time, depending on the server’s speed.

If you are comfortable with adjusting your wp-config.php file and/or PHP.ini files, we have an article from WordImpress that walks you through how you can increase your upload size manually.

Finally, if those two options are not available, you can use SFTP to upload the files to your server, bypassing PHP altogether. This tutorial from WPBeginner is an excellent resource for getting started with FTP.